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Posted by parsingtime on October 12, 2010

Celebrating my Dad’s 60th here…

Makana on Discovery Bay, Jamaica, Caribbean

Makana on Discovery Bay, Jamaica, Caribbean

Makana on Discovery Bay, Jamaica, Caribbean

Makana on Discovery Bay, Jamaica, Caribbean

April can’t come soon enough.


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Posted by parsingtime on April 12, 2010

Have you guys ever been to Buc-ees? Husband and I stopped there on our way to Dallas and were amazed at the cleanliness of the bathrooms and size of the store. They sell everything. Breakfast burritos, lattes, Dr. Pepper Icees, Jerky, homemade Fudge, Beaver nuggets (whatever those are), clothes, sunglasses, banana pudding, entire apple pies, rawhide chairs and a whole lot more.

I’ve also never seen so many hand sanitizer dispensers in one place outside of a hospital.  It was insanely busy and you order everything via touchscreen computers.

If you have never been I highly recommend it. The bathrooms alone are worth it but the people watching is the cherry on top.

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Senile Bartender

Posted by parsingtime on September 22, 2009

So we went to SF this weekend for a friend from business schools wedding.  I don’t know what it is about business school friends that make them so awesome. I didn’t even go to business school and I love almost all the people from Husband’s section.  I wonder if it stems from always being a public school girl and wondering if Ivy leaguers are going to be mean or snobby or something. They aren’t, in case you were wondering. They are awesome.

It was a busy weekend full of Burmese food,  limo rides (did you know that it is cheaper to rent a limo from SF to Burlingame for seven people than it is to get a taxi? A 1980s limo driven by Steve-O, who wears chaps,but still a limo), lovely ceremonies, dancing, excellent wedding cake and beautiful September west coast weather.

The only odd spot on the weekend was this old bartender (who when I asked for something sweet suggested vodka and cranberry – gross and cranberry is not sweet!) who came up to me not once but three separate times to tell me I was beautiful. And that if that was my Husband he should cherish me. The first time I responded with a “you’re so sweet and thank you.”  My tone may have conveyed some disbelief (he was forceful in his belief that I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen — I think Gisele and about a billion other women would have something to say about that).

He caught me by myself the first time but the second and third time I was with other people. Other people who found him completely hilarious in his insistence. It was awkward. And confirms the fact that only Husband and really weird people (who might be high, drunk, senile or all three) find me attractive.  I’m not sure what that says about Husband or me.

Despite the crazy bartender we had fun at the wedding and Husband and I even danced, poorly of course, but since we were amongst friends it didn’t matter.

Now if only I could get myself up before 9am EST.

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Posted by parsingtime on September 21, 2009

We were in San Francisco this weekend for a whirlwind in and out trip for a friends wedding. Let me reiterate how painful it is to travel from coast to coast, in case I haven’t done it here. It is painful. For some reason the three hour time change messes with me more than a six hour time change does. Nevertheless, we had a fantastic weekend.

We rode the BART again. No one hit on me probably because I was with Husband (not on the BART at least, more on that later) but we did see someone clipping their nails. It was pretty disgusting.

Only in San Francisco

We also saw this advertisement on the BART, which I had to snap because you definitely wouldn’t find something like this in North Carolina.  I have no issues with the ad at all except for the fact that both those guys look like they belong in a 50’s doo wop band.  They couldn’t take a better photo? Also at the end of the wedding ceremony the priest/preacher lady pronounced our friends, “partners in a Christian marriage.” It was the first time I had heard that verses the usual “man and wife”  lingo.

I do so enjoy the liberal-ness of California, except when it means that it is okay to cut your nails on the train.

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Posted by parsingtime on September 14, 2009

Let me preface this post by saying I love the MOMA. I was thrilled to be back  in New York because I wanted to show my sister the Damien Hirst pieces. I’m sort of fascinated by his jewel encrusted skulls and his piece entitled The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living which is essentially a pickled Shark in a ginormous tank.  It is bizarre and interesting all at the same time. I for one wonder, where the heck one goes to get an intact shark to preserve? And is Hirst just the idea man or is he picking out the tank and formaldehyde-ing in his mother’s basement somewhere?  He does weird stuff with animals. PETA can’t be happy.

Some of the stuff there though is bizarre and not that interesting. Random says it is art because most people wouldn’t think to do whatever that artist has done and call it art.  Here are some examples of things I just didn’t get.

Twin, Robert Ryman

This is literally just a canvas painted white. We saw a canvas a few rooms over that was painted all black but if you looked at it really closely you could see how each of the four corners were painted a different shade of black. That was clever, this not to so much.

Untitled, Fred Sandback

This is untitled because elastic cord and metal clamps are not representative of something deep. It’s just odd.

Equivalent VI, Carl Andre

Firebricks.  This is a series.

One of the coolest things we saw was Measuring the Universe by Roman Ondak. It is an installation where an attendant marks visitor’s heights by writing their name and the date of their visit on wall.  Most people are around the same height which looks interesting and then you have the little kids and really tall people above and below 5’2 to about 6′.  Click on the link to see a photo.

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Rain and Pearls

Posted by parsingtime on September 11, 2009

My hair decides to cooperate and provide me with the best hair day I’ve had since 2008 and New York decides today is the day it should do its version of a Mumbai monsoon.

Not cool New York. Not cool.

Also, Ten Ren Tea has the best bubble tea I’ve ever had. The pearls were incredibly yummy and the perfect texture (this is not true for all tapioca).  It was mostly worth getting soaked to the bone and a broken umbrella to have them.

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Posted by parsingtime on August 17, 2009

We are back from Chicago…our last trip for a few weeks at least. Three weekends in a row of traveling has left us exhausted. Airports and airlines suck.

We had a wonderful time catching up with friends, wandering around Millennium Park, the Art Institute, Navy Pier, and Michigan Avenue. We caught a Second City show and ate hot dogs, deep dish pizza and the best Thai food I’ve had since Thailand. All in all a good trip. I would even consider living there if Chicago winters didn’t exist.

Deep Dish Pizza

The only thing I’m sad about is that I didn’t get bubble tea.

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Red Dress

Posted by parsingtime on August 11, 2009

This is the Red Dress Run

Red Dress Run

In this photo is is 2:30 in the afternoon and about 90 degrees with a million percent humidity.  This was the third beer stop. So these people are about 6 beers,  two jello shots and a lot of sweat into the run. Everyone wore a red dress. Except for the people who didn’t.

Naked Red Dress Runners

This lady had pierced nipples and fake boobs. I know this because she wasn’t wearing bra. Pretty much everyone was gawking at her. When we passed her, I looked back and saw the pierced nipples and told Husband.  Husband then turned to see and she yelled over to him, “they are just boobs man, just boobs” and then her Husband/boyfriend/man standing next to her said, “and they are AWESOME.”

After this photo was taken I saw a 45 year old woman crouched between two cars peeing.  It is an image I have not been able to forget despite trying.

I had misgivings about the red dress run but it was actually fun even for someone who was stone cold sober like me. I chugged the free waters and vitamin waters.  The people watching was great. I got to walk (there was no actual running except for people trying to make it to the next beer stop before the beer ran out) next to some very cool GSB’ers and catch up with old friends I hadn’t seen in forever. I also discovered your feet will hurt more after walking 5 miles slowly than they do when you run them.

I’m still completely exhausted from the weekend but it was totally worth it. I always say that the best part of weddings is seeing lots of friends/family all in one place. I can see how throwing a big birthday party for yourself in a cool locale accomplishes the same thing.

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Posted by parsingtime on August 7, 2009

The Parsing family is participating in the Red Dress run this weekend.  Men and Women wear red dresses and run. There are beer stops (ick! but good for people who like it) and doughnuts at the end. Should be interesting.

Husband tried on the dress I bought him for $7 at the Junior League second hand store and I laughed for  ten minutes straight. He then did a dance and I laughed for another 15 minutes. My stomach hurt. My eyes were watering.  Husband looks hilarious in drag. I wish I could say I was going to post photos but I’m guess I’m going to be banned from putting those up on flickr.

Have a great weekend Mein Herrs!

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Kure Beach

Posted by parsingtime on August 3, 2009

Everyone in NC goes to “the beach” during the summer. Seriously everyone. The assistants at the dentist office, the cashier at Harris Teeter to the CEOs of large companies. What is really shocking is that almost everyone we know in NC has a beach house that they own or share with friends/family.   So the Time family headed here this weekend:

HPIM1152.jpg Kure Beach Pier image by JandL713

Kure Beach. We had a great time. It is a cute walkable community with lots of fun restaurants (The Pier House), bars (The Fat Pelican – where you walk into the cooler and pick your drink) and of course beaches. It will also hold a special place in my heart since at every corner there were ice cream shops. It’s like being in NYC but instead of Starbucks coffee it is yummy sundaes. 

We were at a friends gorgeous beach house and spent the weekend biking, frolicking in the water (which is nicer than Galveston but not as nice as Florida), watching Dolphins swim by and eating seafood.

beach.jpg Kure Beach, second home image by wickliffe2

Good weekend. I can see why people here go to the beach in the summer. It is a great place for families and a fun inexpensive place to vacation.

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