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Trouble in about 10 years

Posted by parsingtime on May 5, 2013

N upon finding the birthday card she “wrote” for Husband.

Daddy, let me read this card to you. It says Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you and I love your credit card. Love Neeva

It would be totally wishful thinking on my part if I thought she didn’t know what a credit card is at this point since she sees me whip mine out all the time.

Husband is in trouble I fear.


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Say Cheese

Posted by parsingtime on April 2, 2013

2013-03-15 09.07.37

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Humbling and San Fran

Posted by parsingtime on March 26, 2013

“Mommy your hair looks like a monster and you have nipples on your face.”

Nipples being zits.

And I had to go out to dinner with friends last night knowing I looked like that.

I spent the weekend with Random Banker in San Francisco and we were not accosted by a legless man, nor did we see weird Salem Witch Trial animatronics and we did not end up broken down in Iraan, Texas so it might be our best trip together ever.

We hiked Muir Woods, ate ice cream, indulged in Burmese food, saw Terracotta warriors and generally had a nice time enjoying sunshine and no responsibilities.



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