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Momentous Occasion

Posted by parsingtime on May 4, 2008

I’m traveling for work starting today so I’m going to miss a big day in the Household of Time. Tomorrow Husband takes his final exam and will officially be done with his MBA.

So here we are two years and two hundred thousand dollars later ($200,000 — it’s a lot of zeros and it makes my heart skip a beat in not good ways) and quite frankly I think we will look back at the last two years and be amazed we got to meet the people we met, go the places we went and do the things we did.

It has been a really great two years, despite the minuscule apartment and crappy Boston weather (hello it is May and in the 40s).  Husband and I have made great friends that I think will last a lifetime and done a bunch of things that we may not have the opportunity or time to do until Husband becomes a gazillionaire or we retire…whichever comes first.

So congrats to Husband for finishing. Another six weeks in Boston and we are moving onward and upward to Carolina and the next phase of our lives.


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Posted by parsingtime on January 23, 2008

Dear People Who Live In The Building Across The Way,

When you live in close quarters like we do there are a few things you should consider: Like, if you walk around naked in your apartment at night with your blinds open and the lights on Husband and I might see you and make fun of that weird mole you have and I the next time I see you I might give you the number for my bikini waxer.

Also, if you start making out in your apartment with the blinds open and decide to take it a step further, well I couldn’t watch that but seriously, you should consider closing the blinds. Everyone in the complex can see you. They also can see that last week you were taking it a step further with someone else and you really don’t want me to bring that up with your this week person the next time I see her.

Really this can be summed up with three words: close your blinds.

Seen too much,


Also, random aside I ran 4.5 miles in 40 minutes today.  And I didn’t get picked for jury duty today. So Yay.

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Fall Winter Spring

Posted by parsingtime on August 8, 2007

When I was at State school in Texas the semesters were called Fall and Spring. At Husbands school the semesters are called Fall and Winter.

So depressing, but so honest. We didn’t start experiencing “spring” in Boston until May.

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Top 10 Reasons: B-School Edition

Posted by parsingtime on May 8, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why it Rocks to be the Spouse of a Business School Student (with a flexible job)

  1. All the school holidays, none of the homework (Spring Break!)
  2. Fantastic Trips planned out by other people (Hello, Colombia)
  3. Financial Aid at low interest rates for all those trips *cough* I mean tuition
  4. Making new friends is as easy in grad school as it was in undergrad, except it is less awkward because you are married and not out to meet someone and again none of the homework
  5. Getting to do a bunch of things you would probably never otherwise get to do (especially me who was sheltered in college) — beer pong, flip cup, trapezing, Tejos, dancing on tables, random weekend trips to Newport or Stowe
  6. Husband is home every night and frequently in the afternoon. Convinces you that naps are beneficial to your health and work producitivity. You only feel mildly guilty.
  7. Cool speakers that you get to see for free — Anthony Robbins, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Hank Paulson,  Robert Mueller and lots of random CEOS
  8. For those nights you don’t want to cook the school cafeteria is not the one you remember from junior high. The B-School cafeteria comes with a sushi chef, every night has a culinary theme and the fruit is always ripe and tasty
  9. Unlike Dallas, you are able to meet lots of people who are of a similar age, prefer not to wear heels, makeup and don’t have fake boobs…these women want to be in book clubs with you and randomly call up and say hey let’s have a girls dinner
  10. Summer in India and Thailand.

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Protected: Chili

Posted by parsingtime on April 21, 2007

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I See London

Posted by parsingtime on April 12, 2007

I saw a man in his boxers yesterday with his pants around his ankles and it wasn’t husband. We were heading out for a the Wednesday night bar night that Husbands section enjoys every week (we don’t go every week, we are old married fuddy duddys) at 10:30 (which I hear is not that late for the young single folks) and there was a guy outside our apartment without pants, being held up by two of his friends. He was literally too drunk to care that his butt and other accoutrements were flapping around in 35 degree weather. And it was only 10:30 people.  Surely that is too early to be so drunk you can’t stand? But what do I know, I’m old and married, which means no fun.

So before we went out for drinks, a bunch of guys (the MSA, men’s student organization, which doesn’t really exist, but now exists because the guys got tired of the women always having fun events to go to for women only) came over to play A**hole over at our apartment. They were gracious enough to allow me to play despite my lack of penis (lack of penis, I can’t wait to see how many people reach this website by googling that). They also turned their heads when I drank water during the parts where you take a swig of your alcoholic beverage.  Unfortunately, I was the a**hole and Husband was the president.

Anyway, a fun night was had by all. And I believe the card game is now going to become a Wednesday night thing.  Fortunately, I like all the boys that came over.

** Also thanks for all the comments. They are much appreciated. Car – We are going to Thailand this summer after Husbands internship.  Amy – you are welcome any time given your status as daughter #3.  Wife 2 – My mom is from South Africa and while we really want to do that, we will probably end up having to visit all her old high school friends and random relatives which we want to avoid.

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Mother of God

Posted by parsingtime on April 7, 2007

So….I went to a state school for both undergrad and law school. My total bill for three years of college and three years of law school (including housing and expenses) was approximately $60,000. And it is only that high because I had to live in Austin which meant my living costs were always three times as much as the cost of tuition. That’s SIX years of schooling for $60K.

Anyway, I just came to the realization today (stupid delusional me), while looking over the quarterly family balance sheet, that at the end of Husband’s ivy league endeavour we will have spent more than the cost of my parents house. I’m betting we will spend more than the cost of the Maridull Bliss team’s house or perhaps T&Car’s house.  And what will we have to show for it? Oh, sure an education, but really large six figures for a two year education? My goodness. 

And Husband wonders why I ask him if he has finished his homework every night like an annoying parent.

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Amazingly Large Teeth

Posted by parsingtime on March 29, 2007

So today Husband and I went to see this man speak

Wealth Mastery Seminar from Antony Robbins in London 2005

Yes, that is Tony Robbins, motivational coach to the stars. You have probably seen him on QVC or on late night infomercials.

He looked like the above picture and he was the one making a crack about his large teeth not me. EEH and I were talking before hand and she commented on his gleaming teeth. Gleam they did.

Anyway, he is really good. I went in completely cynical but it is quite motivating. He had 300 students up out of their seats cheering and dancing. He played music (u2’s, Gwen Stefani, Maroon 5), ran/jumped across the stage, did the jazz hands/spirit fingers move and told stories about all the famous people that he knows.

We were up and moving because Tony was trying to show us that our physiological state affects our “mood” and the way we act and interact with people. Positive thoughts put you in a better frame of mind than negative ones.  So in order to change your state you need physiology and focus. He also said that there are three questions that you are always doing whether you think about it or not

  1. What do you focus on
  2. What does this mean
  3. What are you going to do

I actually took notes on what he said so I could talk about them on here and save you the $$$$  it costs to go to one of his seminars but it is pretty basic stuff. Constantly better yourself and you will feel good about your life. If you reach an ultimate goal and have nothing else to strive for you won’t actually be happy. 

Overall he is great speaker and I think a lot of people left feeling good about themselves.

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Protected: Dorm-Like Living

Posted by parsingtime on January 21, 2007

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Protected: Harvard Yale Game

Posted by parsingtime on November 18, 2006

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