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Mean Mommy

Posted by parsingtime on March 11, 2013

A few random things:

We saw Pink a couple of weeks ago and that concert was the largest gathering of lesbians I’ve ever seen outside of a pride parade. I had no idea. Also Pink puts on a show with full on aerial acrobatics and cirque du soliel moves.

Second Valerie by Mark Ronson came on during breakfast at a restaurant today and N looked at me and says I love this song. I’m slowly converting her from the Wheels on the Bus to the Black Keys. It is a slow process but it is working.

Third I had a miscarriage a few weeks ago. It sort of sucked and I’m not sure I want to go through 3 months of nausea and general misery again.  And then on the other hand everyone needs a sibling to keep them in check (unless you are KP who is the only normal only child I know. ). I also struggle with the idea that we aren’t truly ready for another child. We have reached an easy phase with N and going beginning the beginning sounds hard. And then i feel guilty like my being unsure caused that heartbeat to stop. I recognize how ridiculous that sounds.

Fourth, Husband truly surprised me by buying tickets for us to go see Of Monsters and Men. Not only are we going to see them we are going to Vegas to see them. He recognized that seeing them in Dallas would not be as cool of a treat for me and got me a really really thoughtful gift. Seriously it might be the best gift he has ever gotten me, given I mentioned I wanted to see them live almost a year ago. He is never this thoughtful so I need to give him major credit.  All of this is not to say he isn’t an awesome husband and dad. He is.  He just usually gets me something he thinks I should have rather than something  I would really enjoy. Anyway good job husband.

Does anyone have an awesome chocolate chip recipe? I have tried a few and none have been awesome. N loves making cookies so we bake keep a few and send the rest to Husbands work or hand them out to friends.

And lastly, I didn’t expect this conversation to happen for several more years:N: Mommy you are being mean to me. You keep saying no no no. No cookie and no Sid (Sid the Science Kid, aka TV).
Clearly DST is sucking the fun out of me.


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Business Time

Posted by parsingtime on November 6, 2011


This is just funny.

The next thing you know we’re in the bathroom brushing our teeth
That’s all part of it, that’s foreplay.
Foreplay is very important in love making
Then you go sort out the recycling
Which isn’t part of the foreplay, but it’s still very important
That’s not foreplay, but it’s still very important.

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What if the Secret to Success is Failure

Posted by parsingtime on September 14, 2011

A long but worthwhile read…even if you don’t have kids.

…he says that the standardized tests that Riverdale and other private schools require for admission to kindergarten and to middle school are “a patently unfair system” because they evaluate students almost entirely by I.Q. “This push on tests,” he told me, “is missing out on some serious parts of what it means to be a successful human.”


…there was this idea in America that if you worked hard and you showed real grit, that you could be successful,” he said. “Strangely, we’ve now forgotten that. People who have an easy time of things, who get 800s on their SAT’s, I worry that those people get feedback that everything they’re doing is great. And I think as a result, we are actually setting them up for long-term failure.


People who accomplished great things, she noticed, often combined a passion for a single mission with an unswerving dedication to achieve that mission, whatever the obstacles and however long it might take. She decided she needed to name this quality, and she chose the word “grit.”


Riverdale parents who, while pushing their children to excel, also inadvertently shield them from exactly the kind of experience that can lead to character growth. As Fierst put it: “Our kids don’t put up with a lot of suffering. They don’t have a threshold for it. They’re protected against it quite a bit. And when they do get uncomfortable, we hear from their parents. We try to talk to parents about having to sort of make it O.K. for there to be challenge, because that’s where learning happens.”

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Tyson or Gupta

Posted by parsingtime on May 17, 2011

I called to cancel an account and when the operator finally answered I got “Tyson” who clearly had an Indian accent and was trying to convince me that he could give me two months free and then a discounted rate for the account I was closing. I politely declined.  He then offered me a one year subscription (which was cheaper then the 2 month free then pay option). I declined that too.

He then cancelled my account and when he told me to have a nice day, I told him “Have a nice evening. It is is evening in India right?” He was surprised I knew that he, Tyson was Indian. Ha.  It totally made me think of the Outsourced show on TV and the Microsoft-like support workers who wear suits and act like they are working in Huntsville, Alabama.

I think it even made me friendlier or else I’m mellowing in my old age because usually I don’t like being sold something when I’m trying to cancel.

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Egg Free

Posted by parsingtime on April 24, 2011

It is Easter Sunday and I have not eaten one bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs in 2011.  This is both shocking and a record.

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Coffee Table and Staircase Frames

Posted by parsingtime on April 4, 2011

For the first time in almost six years of marriage we have a coffee table. We no longer have to use the table that goes with our patio furniture in our living room. This is big people.

Also big?

This wall of photos. This has been my biggest home project to date. I thrifted frames (me thrifting) and didn’t pay more than $4 for any of the frames. I bought ugly gold frames and frames with sketches of clowns in them and spray painted everything black. Then I bought white mattes and printed out some of my favorite photos of family and friends. Though you can’t see it, many of you blog readers have made it on to the wall.  It isn’t quite finished but I’m definitely making progress on making our house a little homier (is this not a word?)

I know for most people this wouldn’t be a big project but I’m neither creative nor crafty so buying spray paint and seeing potential in clown paintings is a big deal for me.

Next I need to tackle our bedroom which currently doesn’t have a head-board or anything on the walls.

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Posted by parsingtime on November 4, 2010

Job I would be very good at? Executive assistant.

I seem to be filling that role for my mom and Husband here and there.  I plan vacations*, create slides, excel spreadsheets, manage expenses, prepare invoices.

Too bad I didn’t figure this out before I went to law school.

*My parents who clearly have not been on enough vacations this year are currently planning a trip (and by currently planning I mean I’m planning it) to Machu Picchu in January. This on the heels of Vietnam/Cambodia in February, Spain/Portugal in September and a planned trip to Jamaica in April.  I want their life.

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Last Word

Posted by parsingtime on October 4, 2010

It’s hard to believe that if I were going back to a regular job (i.e. not working from home) my maternity leave would be over this week. I’m definitely not feeling ready to put N in day care and feel fortunate that it isn’t a necessity.  At the same time if I did have a job I was super passionate about I wonder if I would be excited to get back to it and seeing people I enjoyed working with. You work with the cards you are dealt I suppose.

I’m currently wondering how I’m going to teach my child not to pick her nose when I’m constantly trying to get boogers out of her nose with my fingers. I really need to stop but I just can’t help myself.

Elena Kagan has recused herself from 25 of the 51 cases being heard by the Supreme Court this session. GREAT. I really am not thrilled with her as Obama’s pick for Justice.

I read this last night in The Week: A Gay Soldiers Plea. Their Last Word pieces are generally quite good…they range from discussions of what famous people from history ate to dog anthropology. It can be quite random at times but it always makes me think of a subject in a different way. I thought this one had an interesting perspective.

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Posted by parsingtime on September 17, 2010

Guess how old these legs are?

Just guess.

57. This is proof that my mom is trendier and cooler than me by a mile.

Probably you too.

Also, my ob visit went well yesterday…cleared for all activities, stitches are all healed and I’ve lost 8 of the 15 pounds I need to lose to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Woo.

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Odd Couple

Posted by parsingtime on August 10, 2010

Something cute and happy for today.

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