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Heat Wave

Posted by parsingtime on June 10, 2008

So the northeast has been going through a heat wave the last few days. Husband and I have one window unit that is cranked up as high as it can be at night in the hopes that the cool air will reach our sweltering bedroom. It has not. The last three nights we have woken up sometime between 2:00am and 3:00am complaining about how hot we are, going to get ice filled drinks of water (or pretending to and really sticking our bodies in the fridge, not that I would know anything about that) and not sleeping well for the rest of the night.

Last night however we had the brilliant idea (at 2:33am) to blow up the air mattress and sleep on it. So we did and the ensuing conversation was something like stop stealing all my covers and stop moving you’re shaking the bed (me) and stop complaining I’m not doing anything (Husband).

After attempting to sleep on the air bed for about thirty minutes I gave up and went back to the bedroom. Everytime Husband moved my whole body would bounce around. I’m a terrible sleeper in general and it took me almost a year to get used to sleeping next to Husband and we had an excellent non-moving mattress.

I learned four things last night:

  1. The only reason I sleep well in general is because we have an awesome bed that somehow minimizes the movement of the other person. I will have to look for this feature in all my future beds otherwise I will smother Husband some night after he has been way too wriggly.
  2. We had planned to keep our air bed with us for the few days in Carolina when we will be without furniture. I’m going to keep the sleeping bag unpacked and sleep on that on the floor. No air mattress for me unless I’m sleeping alone.
  3. Sleeping close to the AC will give you a sore throat and a runny nose the next day.
  4. Reason #900 why living in the northeast sucks hard…no central air conditioning.

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Old Man Get Out

Posted by parsingtime on March 3, 2008

It’s amazing how just even ten minutes in the sunshine can improve my mood a hundred percent.

I’m so ready for winter to be over.

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Reason #471: Why Living in the Northeast Sucks

Posted by parsingtime on February 22, 2008

You flight is cancelled 5 hours before you are due to take off and there isn’t a flight available for you to take until Monday. Maybe. If you are lucky. And are willing to provide the guy on the phone with some phone sex or a bank transfer of a million dollars.


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Posted by parsingtime on January 16, 2008

You know it’s cold out when you’d rather suffer from itchy hives than walk a mile to the pharmacy to get the prescription strength drugs your doctor prescribed.

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Protected: Chili

Posted by parsingtime on April 21, 2007

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Reason #9

Posted by parsingtime on April 14, 2007

Why Boston Sucks…

You go to a new mall. It is six miles away and should only take about 18 minutes to get there. It takes you 40 minutes to get there and an hour to get back because NONE OF THE FREAKING ROADS HAVE SIGNPOSTS. So you get lost multiple times. You are trying to get to Chestnut Hill Avenue. Trying to find said street you find Chestnut Hill Parkway, Chestnut Hill Street and Chestnut Hill Drive, but no avenue.

You decide to stop the car and tell husband you are never coming home because you are so lost you don’t even remember what city you live in.

Thank goodness the new GPS gets here sometime this afternoon. Driving in this city sucks and will put you in a miserable mood.

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Reason #58 Why Living in the Northeast Sucks

Posted by parsingtime on April 4, 2007

It’s snowing in April.

Also, no one delivers hot chocolate.

EDIT: Today it is 28 degrees outside but feels like 11. IN APRIL!

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Update: Smash and Grab

Posted by parsingtime on April 2, 2007

So two takeaways (as Husband would say) from the car incident of Saturday night.

  1. Boston is just not as safe as most of the cities in Texas. In fact that may be true of the northeast in general. So really we need to be more cautious. We will no longer leave the GPS holder thingy attached to the windshield.
  2. You guys MUST go get the Starwood American Express Card. It has a yearly $30 fee but you earn hotel points and if you don’t want hotel points, 20,000 points turns into 25,000 air miles to an airline of your choice. ALSO, they are refunding the entire cost of our GPS system. All we have to do is fill out a form and attach our police report. That’s it! Talk about great customer service. REFUNDING THE TOTAL COST. That is huge. Especially given that the GPS is way more expensive than the cost of repairing the smashed in window.

Also, an update on the hand washing thing. Husband asked women in his class today if they washed their hands everytime and the answer was unanimously yes. I do so love being right.

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Smash and Grab

Posted by parsingtime on April 1, 2007

So we were victims of a crime last night. Our car got broken into on a busy street in Boston. I’m really quite unimpressed with the criminal that broke into our car.

If you are going to smash the window into a million little pieces please take the other expensive crap in our car other than just the GPS system. Take the $300 radar. Take the $600 CD changer. Make me actually feel like you were at least making it worth my while to have a broken window.

Quite frankly I’m more annoyed by the shards of glass that need to be vacuumed up and the window that needs to be fixed than losing the GPS system (which I love and yes, I will be purchasing another one).  I am sort of freaked out by the fact that whoever stole our system does know where we live since that is programmed in, but other than that this particular act of criminal thievery has left me annoyed and unimpressed.

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Reason #107

Posted by parsingtime on March 17, 2007

Why living in the Northeast sucks?

You have a spring break trip planned to South America and all of the sudden a freaking snow storm hits and all flights are cancelled. You are now up at 5am to see if you and 50 other of your closest friends going on the trip can stand-by to Colombia.

This would never happen in Texas.

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