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Posted by parsingtime on September 5, 2011

Husband and I celebrated our anniversary a couple of weeks ago .

For our anniversary we ate somewhere spectacular (I would love to do restaurant reviews but you guys would definitely be able to pinpoint where I live if I did and that is just not good)  and bought me something that I’ve been lusting over for at least a year.  We talked, ate and reminisced over our last 12 years (of knowing each other).

If I had one complaint it would be that I don’t think he is very considerate day to day. But he just took a test that said it was in his DNA, no really, he is just not hard wired for consideration.  But what I tend to forget is that he comes through in a crisis.

So today when I woke up and started vomiting, he managed a testing limits baby while making sure I had sprite and a pillow to lay on in the bathroom.  I was so sick that I actually laid my head on our toilet without wiping it with a Clorox wipe first.  This has to tell you how terrible I was feeling.  We also had my inlaws coming into town and he (under my direction via the phone) got lunch on the table and the baby down for her naps…and tidied up. Then took everyone off to the children’s museum so I could sleep.

When it matters, he makes it count. And I love him dearly for that.

Happy Six Years.


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Thanks Husband

Posted by parsingtime on May 6, 2011

Husband will admit he is hardly ever considerate. But when he tries to do something nice he usually goes overboard. Like when I wanted an iTunes gift card for my birthday and I got 50 iTunes gift cards in various amounts (this was two years ago and I still haven’t spent all that money).  Yesterday he came home with bahn mi and cupcakes, in part because I had made breakfast for 8 in the morning and didn’t want to make dinner. But does he come home with 2 cupcakes? No he comes home with six.

And though we did not eat them all, I got on the elliptical when really all I wanted to do was get into bed with elastic waist pants.

That’s the thing about Husband you can’t tell him things you like because then you end up with a crazy much nicer version of it that you expected.  Like my car. Going from a Sentra to a Highlander would have been a huge change but leave it to Husband and I end up with an MDX.  But he tries and his effort is appreciated especially on a Friday night when I have to work (which is no fun for him since he is coming off a killer week) at least there is a nutella cupcake and some excellent Pandora tunes to keep me company.

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James Cameron

Posted by parsingtime on November 22, 2010

You know what that movie is like?


It’s Pocahontas set in the future. I’m never watching another James Cameron movie again. Between that and Titanic I feel like I’ve wasted 6 hours of my life.

Guess who watched Avatar last night.

You aren’t going to like that.

You don’t know that.

Yes, I do. You aren’t going to like that.

Takes a bite…we are at someone’s home and they are serving dessert. Husband, eats his bite and then eats one more. Later that evening:

That thing was disgusting. I can’t believe you let me eat that.

I tried to stop him.

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Pack Rat Part II

Posted by parsingtime on September 22, 2010

Husband asked me  to go buy him a new coffee maker because his was broken. He has one of those Keurig machines that make one cup at a time because he is the only one who drinks coffee. This particular machine has made it through the Boston to Charlotte to Houston moves so it was bound to break down at some point. Or so I thought.

I go buy the new coffee maker and bring it home.  He starts taking apart the old coffee maker and putting it in the sink. I ask why it is going in the sink. He says so it can get a good clean. Why would it need a good clean, I ask.  So that I can put it in storage, he says.

And that’s when I lose it (figuratively, I didn’t yell or anything). WHY ON EARTH would we put a broken coffee pot in storage?  I told him that if the old coffee maker works well enough for storage than he could continue to use it and I would return the new one.

He conceded to selling the old coffee maker on craigslist because it still works most of the time.

What I want to know is if it is good enough to sell or put in storage why did we need a new one?

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Posted by parsingtime on August 27, 2010

Happy 5th Anniversary Husband!

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Posted by parsingtime on August 12, 2010

Husband has just come off a crazy busy few weeks at work. A project finished up today and Husband called to say he would be late because his team was going out for drinks*.

Am I allowed to be slightly bitter that:

A. Husband has a team of people he gets to talk to all day and have drinks with? N is not a scintillating conversationalist.

B. Gets to drink because he isn’t breastfeeding or on a diet?”

C. Will eat something more interesting than lentils and yogurt for dinner because he isn’t on a diet and is going out to eat.

D. Husband doesn’t have a nine pound dead weight strapped to his chest (baby bjorn!) because someone is cranky and wanted to be walked/held so we walked around the block eleventy billion times in 95 degree heat until the sweet little bugger fell asleep (and if I wasn’t trying to lose baby weight wouldn’t that entitle me to a piece of chocolate after my damn lentils)?

E. I get to be bitter for all of the above.

*I’m not really annoyed with him….I’m just bitter about the diet (day 4 and it is going sooo well I’m not cranky at all). Veggies, lentils, oh my!  I was out with my mom and sister today and said no to bubble tea when they stopped for some, which was also sad.

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Posted by parsingtime on May 29, 2010

Husband upped the ice cream ante and came home with flowers and dinner reservations at Marks. We had a lovely dinner and yummy dessert.

Sometimes he really does surprise me.

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Husband’s Thirty

Posted by parsingtime on April 30, 2010

Husband turns 30 today.

When we turned 20 we had been dating for less than six months, went sky diving and weren’t old enough to drink. Now we are turning 30, having a kid and I still can’t drink.

Sometimes I think back on the last ten years and am amazed at all the things we have done personally and professionally.  Husband on the other hand reads about this 30 year old guy who just started his own fund with $75 million dollars of his own money and gets a little depressed. Husband, that guy has to work all the time….he doesn’t have time for deep sea fishing in Belize or napping on the couch with his spouse on a Sunday afternoon.

Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to see what this decade will bring.

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Dessert Bar

Posted by parsingtime on March 18, 2010

I’m dealing with the cable guy, while Husband is enjoying this.

He did send this photo saying he was thinking of me….he knows me well enough to know my eyes would be as round as saucers at the sight of a chocolate fountain and a dessert bar. He also told me the fruit is incredible where he is and given my love of good fruit I’m even more envious (and confused since he isn’t exactly in a fruit bearing country).

I miss the big lug.

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I’m Not Cool

Posted by parsingtime on February 1, 2010

Husband’s awesome quote from the weekend, “that guy seems cool, except he’s an attorney.”

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