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Humbling and San Fran

Posted by parsingtime on March 26, 2013

“Mommy your hair looks like a monster and you have nipples on your face.”

Nipples being zits.

And I had to go out to dinner with friends last night knowing I looked like that.

I spent the weekend with Random Banker in San Francisco and we were not accosted by a legless man, nor did we see weird Salem Witch Trial animatronics and we did not end up broken down in Iraan, Texas so it might be our best trip together ever.

We hiked Muir Woods, ate ice cream, indulged in Burmese food, saw Terracotta warriors and generally had a nice time enjoying sunshine and no responsibilities.




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PSA: Family Trip

Posted by parsingtime on April 24, 2011

We are back from Jamaica where we celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday in luxurious style.  We rented a 6 bedroom house with it’s own beach, pool and staff of 7.  We ate extremely well, kayaked, snorkeled, swam with dolphins, danced with a 3 piece reggae band and played a lot of poor tennis.  It was lovely.

I would like however to inform the childless out there that vacationing with your kids cannot be considered a “vacation” in the sense of the word.  You are not escaping your day to day life (especially if you are at home like me) and sitting on a beach sipping rum punches and doing nothing. No, in fact you have moved your child to a new location without the majority of their stuff and just expect them to love swimming and sand etc.

The  first two days were not so fun for me because I hadn’t realized that I was on a family trip and not on a vacation.  Once I got over that hump things were good.  Also, vacationing with capable grandparents who don’t mind taking your kiddo into their room and waking up with her at 6am is key.

Anyway, an excellent way to celebrate 60.

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Embarrassment of Riches

Posted by parsingtime on May 17, 2010

Husband has used his veto power to nix Neeva off our list completely.  His alternative suggestion? Lakshmi. Gag me.

This weekend I got to have physical proof of what thoughtful, creative and lovely friends/family I have.  Random flew into from NY, Emilia drove down from the Piney Woods and they along with my sister and Kelly Belly threw me the most lovely baby shower.  Kelly Belly made ridiculously delicious homemade cupcakes that looked like something out of Martha Stewart and Emilia made matching cookies that I couldn’t get Husband to stop stuffing in his mouth.

I had dinner with all my best girlfriends and my fears about having a child were clarified (funny how your girlfriends know what you mean even when you don’t describe it well).  My fears boil down to what a commitment it is to have a baby. Sure you make a huge commitment to your spouse but they come fully formed, somewhat educated, rational and are usually someone you’ve known for a while so even if you don’t know how crazy their long showers are going to make you after marriage you know them well enough that it isn’t a deal breaker.

Babies rely completely on you to make the best decisions about their nutrition, physical care, education etc.  And there is no turning back. It is a huge commitment even if 16 year olds don’t realize it.

Overall a lovely weekend filled with high school memories, catching up with old friends, eating good food, family friends who flew in from all over (the woman who was my first baby sitter in Saudi Arabia came),  and definitely showered me with a mountain of gifts for Baby Time.  She hasn’t even been born and she already dresses better than me.  I’ve also received lovely gifts from the Plano Crew and friends from all walks of Husband and I’s lives that I would certainly not expect things from. We definitely feel loved!

Not to get all sentimental on you but weekends like this make you realize how lucky you are to have met the people in your life. The people who aren’t related to you but choose to care about you, be involved and be interested in the things going on in your life no matter how long it has been since they have seen you last.

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Posted by parsingtime on February 17, 2010

I made my mom an iTunes playlist for her morning workouts. She and my Dad share one iTunes account (and I use the word share very lightly given she has added no music to “their” account). Anyway, while running through my Dad’s music I found things I would expect to find…The Beatles, The Stones, Jim Croce, Bowie, Clapton etc and a playlist called 500 Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Songs, which even I have to admit has some pretty awesome music in it.

And then I ran into Erykah Badu, Sade, Estelle, and Duffy. I didn’t even know my Dad was aware someone named Erykah Badu roamed the earth, let alone owned some of her music.  Which just goes to show you, your parents can still surprise you.  Also, my Indian dad is cooler than yours.

You know my parents drive me crazy quite frequently and sometimes I think they are losing their mental faculties but I really hope that my kid finds me half as surprising and interesting as I find mine.

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Benefits of Living at Home

Posted by parsingtime on January 18, 2010

Also reasons why I may never move out.

One, I share the cooking and only have to cook two or three days a week. The rest of the week someone far superior takes over and makes my favorite things.

Two, a housekeeper comes regularly and cleans the bathrooms and changes the sheets. Even Husband has commented on how nice it is to come home to an immaculate house.  The housekeeper does a far superior job cleaning than I ever could. I, for one, have never seen any reason to clean the fridge out every time I clean.

Three, my childhood bed (a king size monstrosity) is still the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on. I get the best sleep in that bed. Also, since I now sleep with a body pillow ( I could talk for years about how miserable I am not being able to sleep on my stomach and that this is the worst part of pregnancy so far)  now we actually need a king size bed to fit the two of us and all the accouterments I need to sleep.

Four, my mom randomly comes home with Cadbury mini eggs that she found in the store, before Valentines day which never happens. These are my favorite chocolates and I love them with all my heart.  But because my mom knows me so well she only came home with a little mini packet so I don’t have to worry about eating the giant packet in one day and my then googling do mini eggs give you your daily nutritional value of everything because that is all I ate today.

Basically I have a nice thoughtful wife in my mom.

If only Husband could Star Trek transponder himself to work and not deal with the commute…we could then get a house for less than it cost for business school.

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Holiday Cheer

Posted by parsingtime on December 24, 2009

Reason 492 why my family is awesome? We all know how to laugh until our stomachs beg for mercy and we start to cry. Though in this particular instance Husband, my sister and I were the ones laughing like hyenas and my mom (who has selective hearing) was all, “what’s so funny?”

First day home has been great. I haven’t laughed this hard or this often in ages.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your holidays are full of silly laughter. It’s the best kind.

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Run Random Run

Posted by parsingtime on October 28, 2009

When Random and I first met at the tender age of 16 our idea of exercise was marching band practice for a couple of hours every day of the fall semester.  Sweating in the Texas sun worked for us.

In college to stem the freshman 15 we took this crazy kickboxing class and used Billy Blanks Tae Bo tapes. It worked and we both remained thin but we were pretty haphazard in our exercise routine.  In the last few years as 30 has creeped closer and closer our ideas for exercise have changed. We both run. Run! Back in high school running was for track team members, not people like us.  I don’t do the distance she does but we both get that exercise high and working out is a daily part of our lives.

In a few days Random Banker is going to be running the NYC marathon. She is an I-banker who frequently works until crazy hours of the morning, gets two hours of sleep (if she’s lucky) and then goes back to work.  She has been spending her scant free time over the last six months or so training for the marathon. A few weeks ago she ran 23 miles. Twenty-three! The only way I would run 23 miles is if I was being chased by the gigantic spiders in the Harry Potter books.  And even then I might just give up and let them eat me.

So if you have time, wish Random good luck and speedy legs for this weekend.

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It’s a Helluva Town

Posted by parsingtime on September 10, 2009

Someone in my apartment complex has an odd sense of humor. They named their internet network Economic_Collapse2009.

Currently, I am in New York City doing something fabulous with my brilliant sister, who is a doctor! A real doctor. I know harp on that but seriously it so hard for me to believe that the girl who once pushed me in the bath tub (scar  from the stitches still on my chin) now sews up people!  Also in fairness to her pushing me, I pushed first.

We are shopping, drinking bubble tea, wondering around museums, eating and hopefully seeing Random Banker during hours when the sun is visible.

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People in the News

Posted by parsingtime on May 18, 2009

People in the news that we actually know!

A guy from this article is a section mate of Husband’s from B-school.  He used to go the gym at the same time as me and would either wear short cut off jeans or swim trunks. And yet despite gym clothing faux pas, he is in the Economist. The Economist! One of my life goals is to one day have one of my comments published in the Economist.

A guy from this article is a friend from Dallas and his wife used to be in my book club in Boston.

This guy is a friend’s brother here in Carolina. I think it is awesome to be in politics and have a last name like Rouser.

And this guy was Husband’s best man and took us to super secret awesome sushi in SF.  Look at him…he is three spots away from JJ Abrams in terms of creativity. Three spots! I just saw Star Trek this weekend and JJ is pretty darn good. But the guy ahead of him from Facebook? Come on. It is totally awesome that Stephen beat Ev Williams.  I mean that guy is everywhere with Twitter these days. Stephen should have been on Oprah. He was robbed!

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No Taste

Posted by parsingtime on May 4, 2009

Conversation between Me, my Dad and my Sister.

Dad: You guys better give me some good decorating ideas otherwise the new place is going to look like my pants with the palm trees on it. 

Me: M has already told me about those and how hideous they are. She said you wore them in Europe with a matching hat.  

Dad: I think I’m going to put some sand on the floor of the solarium and add a Tiki Bar (this was said for the benefit of my mother because for some reason he likes to hear her screech in disapproval) wear my pants and pretend I’m in the South Pacific. By the way, those pants are Brooks Brothers and very expensive.

M: Just because they are Brooks Brothers doesn’t mean they are nice. There is a reason they were on sale for $20.

Dad: They were $10 and you only think they are hideous because your Mum thinks they are (my dad is from England, I don’t think he has ever said Mom his entire life). I bet TK (this is Husband but I’m thinking of giving him a new nickname because Husband is kind of a weird word, I’ve decided. Is Husband derived from Husbandry, do we know the origins?) would take my side.

Me: Ha. I doubt it. He knows better.

Dad: If you were nicer to him he might speak up more.

BTW, in any conversation with my parents that occurs if  TK and I disagree on something my parents always take his side and tell me I’m too mean to him. Basically he can do wrong in my parents eyes.  I’m still trying to figure out what magic fairy crack dust he used so that I can use it on his parents.

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