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Police Officer N

Posted by parsingtime on November 8, 2014

N marches to the beat of her own drum. This halloween in a sea of Elsa’s and various princesses she chose to be a police officer, with handcuffs to arrest bad guys and put them in jail.

I love that she picked that costume. She does what she likes. She still has a very “little kid” enjoyment of Halloween. She was so excited that anyone was giving her candy and the folks that let her pick two? Well that blew her mind. Like all kids she loves candy but doesn’t get it all that frequently. So both husband and I thought she would be all about going to as many houses as possible. But no, not N. We trick or treated for about an hour and then she wanted to go home where she spent the next hour or so handing out candy.

Because Mama I love seeing kids costumes and giving them candy because it makes them happy. 



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Fruit Loops

Posted by parsingtime on November 7, 2014

Mom I know that cereal. Those are fruit loops. They are disgusting. 

And my work here is done.

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Saving Gotham

Posted by parsingtime on November 1, 2014

Batman and Commissioner Gordon


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