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One month old!

Posted by parsingtime on October 19, 2014

Dear N,

You are one month old today! So far you seem to be navigating your world with aplomb. Especially the part where your sister lovingly yells in your face to stop crying or to watch her do something or smother you with kisses.

You inherently have to go with the flow because unlike your sister who got to keep an exact schedule, you have to go to swim lessons and naps are interrupted by school pick up. You do however get the benefit of seasoned parents. We aren’t learning on the fly like we were the first time around. So there are positives to not being the first born.


You also will get to do things a lot earlier than your sister. Eventually this might apply to dating or a later bedtime but for now it means you have already been to the zoo! Your sister didn’t go until she was walking I think. You slept through the entire thing but that’s not the point. You got to do it before she did so you win!

Yesterday as I packed away all your newborn clothes and switched you over to the 0-3 month collection I thought to myself that this is my last newborn, my last baby. I need to remember that in the middle of the night when all I can think is just “effing burp already (20 minutes to burp in the middle of the night feels like an eon).”

We all think you are pretty great, you have completed our family. We are glad you are finally here.

Love, Mommy


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Too much tv

Posted by parsingtime on October 12, 2014

While reading this book today Big N told me the author was the corporation for public broadcasting.


I think this is my cue for no more tv.

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Just curious

Posted by parsingtime on October 11, 2014

Now that Little N is here and already has a discernible personality it made me wonder about the two miscarriages I had in between him and Big N.

I wonder what they would be like. Not in a yearning or grieving way just more curious.

I am a firm believer that things work out the way they are supposed to and I certainly appreciate the two healthy kids I have now.



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Posted by parsingtime on October 8, 2014

3am wide awake baby: first born

The baby is awake.
Do you think she is hungry?
She isn’t crying. Maybe a dirty diaper?
I don’t know.
I’ll just go in and hold her.
Good idea.

3am wide awake baby: subsequent children
The baby is awake.
Wide awake.
He isn’t crying.
Yep. I’m going to turn off the monitor.
Yeah he’ll cry if he needs something.


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Posted by parsingtime on October 7, 2014

Inevitably if your first day without having your mom with you as back up goes so smoothly that you think to yourself “man I’ve got this two kid thing down” the next day will involve your oldest child projectile vomiting while you are trying to feed the cluster feeding baby.

Not that, that happened to me or anything.


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