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Humbling and San Fran

Posted by parsingtime on March 26, 2013

“Mommy your hair looks like a monster and you have nipples on your face.”

Nipples being zits.

And I had to go out to dinner with friends last night knowing I looked like that.

I spent the weekend with Random Banker in San Francisco and we were not accosted by a legless man, nor did we see weird Salem Witch Trial animatronics and we did not end up broken down in Iraan, Texas so it might be our best trip together ever.

We hiked Muir Woods, ate ice cream, indulged in Burmese food, saw Terracotta warriors and generally had a nice time enjoying sunshine and no responsibilities.




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Something I would Never Have Said at 2

Posted by parsingtime on March 19, 2013

Me: What are you drawing.
N: A website.

Of course.

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Mean Mommy

Posted by parsingtime on March 11, 2013

A few random things:

We saw Pink a couple of weeks ago and that concert was the largest gathering of lesbians I’ve ever seen outside of a pride parade. I had no idea. Also Pink puts on a show with full on aerial acrobatics and cirque du soliel moves.

Second Valerie by Mark Ronson came on during breakfast at a restaurant today and N looked at me and says I love this song. I’m slowly converting her from the Wheels on the Bus to the Black Keys. It is a slow process but it is working.

Third I had a miscarriage a few weeks ago. It sort of sucked and I’m not sure I want to go through 3 months of nausea and general misery again.  And then on the other hand everyone needs a sibling to keep them in check (unless you are KP who is the only normal only child I know. ). I also struggle with the idea that we aren’t truly ready for another child. We have reached an easy phase with N and going beginning the beginning sounds hard. And then i feel guilty like my being unsure caused that heartbeat to stop. I recognize how ridiculous that sounds.

Fourth, Husband truly surprised me by buying tickets for us to go see Of Monsters and Men. Not only are we going to see them we are going to Vegas to see them. He recognized that seeing them in Dallas would not be as cool of a treat for me and got me a really really thoughtful gift. Seriously it might be the best gift he has ever gotten me, given I mentioned I wanted to see them live almost a year ago. He is never this thoughtful so I need to give him major credit.  All of this is not to say he isn’t an awesome husband and dad. He is.  He just usually gets me something he thinks I should have rather than something  I would really enjoy. Anyway good job husband.

Does anyone have an awesome chocolate chip recipe? I have tried a few and none have been awesome. N loves making cookies so we bake keep a few and send the rest to Husbands work or hand them out to friends.

And lastly, I didn’t expect this conversation to happen for several more years:N: Mommy you are being mean to me. You keep saying no no no. No cookie and no Sid (Sid the Science Kid, aka TV).
Clearly DST is sucking the fun out of me.

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