More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on February 20, 2013

Husband and I made a joint new years resolution in 2012 to see more live music. So now when anyone we remotely like comes into town we try to buy tickets. This has resulted in some good concerts and a a couple of mediocre ones.

What I find curious is how the teenage set dresses to go to concerts.  They either look like they are going to prom (waaay dressed up to see Coldplay? Why?) or like forever 21 ran out of material so they only bought half a shirt. Did their mothers see them before they left? I never dressed that way as a highschooler or college student (but we all know about my stick).

Husband and I usually go out for a semi-nice meal beforehand for two reasons, one date night without a cocktail is just sad and two because we like to miss the non-nonsensical, cacophony that is usually the opening act.  But the most I’m dressed up is pairing flats and a cute shirt with my jeans vs. Toms and a shirt I’m willing to get washable paint on. The gals in the 4 inch heels boggle my mind.

Anyway, all this has no point except that I missed writing my nonsense on parsingtime and I’m trying to return to it, even if I just write something ridiculous like how annoyed I am by people’s fashion choices.

Also gratuitous photos of my kid. What I mentioned paint didn’t I?
2012-10-23 15.04.02


One Response to “Concerts”

  1. Emilia said

    Lovely, pumpkin, Miss N. Wish I’d had one like it for my porch this fall! Care to come decorate some flower pots?

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