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Best Part of My Day

Posted by parsingtime on February 19, 2013

Almost every morning since N was born (and even before that everyone morning of my married life at least) I turn on some sort of music. Rarely is it anything kid-ish. Just whatever I’m digging at the moment.  N gets her twinkles and old McDonald in the car.

Usually we eat breakfast together and then she goes off to play or draw while I’m washing dishes or something else equally mundane.  Invariably, at some point during that half hour a song will come on that gets her attention and she walks over, holds her arms up and asks me if I want to dance with her.

And then we dance, spin and giggle until the song is over and she goes back to whatever it is she was doing.






One Response to “Best Part of My Day”

  1. Emilia said

    Aww! Look at her all cozy in that big girl bed.

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