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24 Months

Posted by parsingtime on July 3, 2012

Dear N,

Happy 2nd birthday! You are now officially old enough to understand that birthdays mean presents and cake. Whenever I ask you what you want for your birthday you say, “banilla cake. And ice cream. And chocolate cake.” You definitely get the cake part of birthdays and as far as your concerned every meal should be a birthday cake meal.

I truly can’t believe that the little alien baby I birthed two years ago is now a walking, talking, singing girl. You speak in full sentences, can sing entire songs, know your alphabet and how to count, you know all your body parts (including ‘gina’ which makes your dad squirm every time you say it), lots of animals…you actually know too many things to list. Your favorite question is “what’s that mommy?”  And quite frankly I’m going to have to brush up because I don’t always know the exact names for things sometimes.

Are are a sweet and funny girl but not without your moments. Like last weekend when you had a complete and utter meltdown in Nordstrom because I would let you touch every pretty dress in the store.  You melted down so epically that you caused spontaneous sterilization in several women. Your Dad heard you and he was on a different floor from us.  The sweet, biddable child of a few months ago has figured out she has free will.  I’m guessing testing boundaries and limits will become the norm, so I’m steeling myself.

For the most part though I still really love hanging out with you day in and day out. You are capable of so much more these days and love participating in whatever activity I’m doing.   We have been doing a lot of cooking together and when Daddy comes home and you’ve helped make homemade pizza for dinner you can’t wait to tell him all about it and ask him if he likes it when we are eating.  Things like riding in the shopping cart with the car attachment can make your whole day.  You are still at an age where small things are so exciting and I hope that lasts for a while.

You also have started bringing your plate from the table to kitchen sink. An activity that makes me inordinately proud. You are (our whole family is) a very lucky girl and raising you so you aren’t spoiled is important to both your dad and I. You are polite (as polite as a 2 year old can be), mostly share well with your friends and are very empathetic. I hope your good manners and love of being helpful continue.

In other news I’m hoping that your second birthday is the worst birthday you ever have. You know, because at your birthday party on Saturday we ended up at urgent care where the very nice doctor popped your arm back into the socket because I dislocated it or something. We shockingly made it back for cake and everyone was nice enough to wait for you. But let’s just say your parents can’t handle another “exciting” birthday like that.

You are a great kid and somehow in the last two years some of the love songs that would automatically make me think of your dad now belong to you.  That is what you have done to my life.




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