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Posted by parsingtime on June 28, 2012

At the dry cleaners today the man parked next to us picked up his dry cleaning and then proceeded to get dressed for work right beside our car.

When I got back in the car with our shirts N said, ” Mommy that man take off the shirt. He NAAAAAKED. I watching naked man.”

I birthed a peeping Tomasina.


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Only my child…

Posted by parsingtime on June 8, 2012

Only my child would ask for sushi at 6:30 in the morning. It was her sick comfort food. Ha.

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Posted by parsingtime on June 5, 2012

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23 Months

Posted by parsingtime on June 4, 2012

Dear N,

Today you turn 23 months old. I can’t believe what a big girl you are. You speak in full sentences most of the time and your vocabulary sometimes blows me away. You still have a few funny word mix ups. Like the other day when you were trying to pull up your shorts but couldn’t (because you were standing on them), you looked at me and said, “mommy shorts too heavy.” Technically they did have 28lbs of toddler on them so I suppose you were right in a sense.

You are very into deciding your things on your own these days, so I always have to give you two options. When I ask do you want pancakes or cereal for breakfast you usually respond with something like bagels and a naughty smile. You like to eat by yourself and put on your own shoes and clothes and you always ask if you can drive the car when we go places. Nee-vah drive today? In a very hopeful voice.  Not today kid.

I recently realized that you pay attention when I’m on the phone and can now recite the last four digits of my cell phone just from hearing me tell it to other people. So this month we have been working on learning your address and your last name. You still don’t know your colors (I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here) but when you flip through almost any book we have you can give a modified recitation of the story.  Owl Babies goes a little like this, “free (three) owls. Live in tree. Owls think. Sit tree. Mommy come back. The end.” 

You love singing, ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Boker Tov, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Happy Birthday, Baa Baa Black Sheep and some tick tock song over and over again. Happy Birthday is especially amusing. Because it is usually happy birthday mommy, then daddy, then outside, happy birthday typing. Everything in your world can be named in the happy birthday song.  Thus far it seems you don’t have any god given talent when it comes to carrying a tune.  And trust me it would be a talent given by some universal life force because I don’t have a great singing voice and your fathers is terrible.

You also sing We are Young by Fun. A LOT. You ask for it every time we are in the car as if I can magically make the radio play it.  I love hearing you sing “we are young. set the world fire. burn more sun.”

You love chasing birds, swimming, writing your name with a real pen, helping mix — in the garden or the kitchen, and playing pretend makeup.  You ask “what is that?” a million times a day and I really had to brush up on my construction vehicles in order to answer you correctly.

I keep saying it over and over in these letters but you are such a big girl now. I love your random acts of affection and sometimes get to glimpse your babyhood again when we are in new situations and you are nervous…but mostly you are a big girl who likes doing things “by self.”

Love you big girl,


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