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Month 22

Posted by parsingtime on May 3, 2012

Dear N,

This has been a banner month.  This is the month you stopped using diapers! You are officially a big girl now.

We potty trained you in three days at 21 months old. And I’m glad this letter is going to be around because when I become a full of really useful advice grandmother to your kids I’ll be able to say, “you were potty trained before you were two.”  Which, is what my mother had been telling me for the last few months but upon further questioning, after I potty trained you, was not the truth. Anyway…you are fully potty trained and while the first day made me question ever having more children or pets. The second day you only had one accident and you have only had one accident since then and that was during a nap when you were sick last week (yup, you don’t even wear a pull up for naps!).

And just so I remember for posterity, the first time you saw your own poop in the potty, you looked at me, and said, “mommy its snake.” The second time, “mommy, chocolate.”  Ha! Now when you poop you like to point out the odor.  Smelly, for a normal excretion, stinky for the next level up and pee-uuuuu stinky for nuclear level code red waste.

I’m officially diaper free and it feels good. It is also lovely to see how proud you are of yourself.  And I do so enjoy the “good job mommy” that I get every time I pee in the potty too. Everyday you are trying to be more and more independent. You want to put your shoes on yourself, and your clothes. You want to wash your hands “by self” and read your own books. And lets not even even get started on how offended you are if I try to join in on your rendition of twinkle twinkle little star, the itsy bitsy spider or the wheels on the bus. You can sing them yourself thank you very much.

You are talking a mile a minute these days. Saying words and phrases that I don’t even remember saying to you.  You are becoming braver by the day but remember your hurts well.  You won’t go down the slide any more without touching it to see if it is hot. After some hot legs down the slide a few weeks ago, you are cautious. But you recently pet a goat and a dog. This was huge since most animals scare you and have since you were very little.

We have entered the no phase of your life. Most questions are answered with a no unless I ask if you want cake/cookies/ice cream or if I ask you what time it is (it’s thirty mommy) or if I ask where you want to go (park swing).  We have also entered the hit mommy when I’m frustrated phase. Neither of these are pleasing to me. But the hitting is unacceptable. You know you aren’t supposed to do it because as soon as you hit and I start walking you to the time out corner, you say, “sorry mommy. No hitting.”  Unfortunately kid, even though I appreciate the sentiment you still have to stand in timeout.

I had my first official parent teacher conference this week for you. Which on the one hand is a hilarious because you are 22 months old and on the other hand was interesting to me because the things I’m emphasizing at home, cleaning up after ourselves and being polite (you know when and how to say, please, thank you, excuse me and your welcome) were noted by your teachers.  Despite the ongoing drop off drama I think that your little two day a week program is good for you and I’m happy with the decision your Dad and I made to put you in even though at the time it felt a little like I was abandoning you.

You are obsessed with Elmo, Daddy, swings, washing your hands and mixing (cooking with mommy). You aren’t a huge fan of milk, things that are hot or getting dirty. You have started to pretend play (mommy, I sleeping. Followed by closed eyes and laying down. 3.4 seconds later: Mommy I wake up) and like putting diapers on Elmo because has stinky poopy.

You say I love you unprompted and your dad and I felt special…until you told the grocery check out lady and the guy in line for coffee with the handle bar mustache that you loved them.

Happy 22 months big girl.



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