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Month 21

Posted by parsingtime on April 8, 2012

Dear N,

This letter is a few days late and is going to be short and sweet.  This month has been the month of “play puzzles.”  If we aren’t swinging at the park then you want to play puzzles.  You like your puzzles until you have mastered them and then you move on to the next one.  You recently mastered your fish colors puzzle (proving to me that you aren’t color blind, which doesn’t make me feel any better because every color is blue or red) and though you like to see if I will clap if you put the purple fish tail in the red fish (I don’t. We don’t reward failure in this house (your dad wrote that line, but he has a point)) you actually do know where everything is supposed to go.  We have now moved on to the ABC puzzle and 123 puzzle.

You can sing your ABCs and can as of this week count to 10 though for some reason 4 is a hard number for you.You love “big bus” (metro buses) and seeing  “frucks” (trucks) and enjoy bumpy roads.

School drop offs have not gotten any better and Random even got to experience them with me.  She can attest to the huge tears and clinging arms.  We had company all week in the form of Random Banker.  She, as you discovered is excellent at puzzles and spotting big buses. She also knows how to push swings in super fun ways that mommy did not know about.

You are talking in sentences now, which blows me away.  I love the communication most of the time though you do love to test limits and see what you can get away with.  Like, pausing to look at me when I’ve told you not to run into the street, smiling devilishly and the running into the street.

My least favorite thing that you do right now is cling to my legs, saying mommy over and over.  Usually while I’m trying to make dinner or do something that doesn’t involve playing puzzles.  My favorite thing that you do right now is coming over unprompted to give me a hug or a kiss.  It is unbelievably sweet and I figure I should get as many in while I can since one day you will want me to walk 5 steps behind you so it doesn’t look like we are together.

Happy 21 Months.

Love, Mommy

PS – the waking up between 5 and 5:45am must stop. Remember I’m keeping track and plan on waking you up on weekends at 5am during your high school years.


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