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Cheese Monkey

Posted by parsingtime on March 13, 2012

Husband and his parents decided they wanted to take N to Chuck E Cheese this past weekend. I did not agree with this for several reasons, one she is too young (deemed a party pooper for that one), two, she hates crowds (it was a rainy Sunday), three, she gets scared in loud places (ball parks, large parties etc).

I was overruled.

She did relatively well there but there were very few games for her to play, and she was too little for the tubes and slides by herself.  The loud noises and large crowd were a little overwhelming.  But none of that compares to Husband showing her the animatronic Chuck E Cheese band on stage.  That scared the shiznit out of her.

She was so scared that that night she woke up several times before I finally brought her to our bad crying and clinging to my head saying, “scare cheese monkey, mommy. Scare cheese monkey.”  Cheese Monkey = Chuck E Cheese, who is technically a mouse but looked like a scary non-flying Wizard of Oz Monkey.  She spent the rest of the night attached to my head.

Husband then went out of town. And daylight savings occurred so now I have a kid who is telling me, “no dark mommy, no nigh nigh” and “mommy lie down, scare cheese monkey.”  Translation – it isn’t dark you crazy woman why do I have to go to bed and lie down next to my crib and hold my hand because I’m scared.

Party pooper or not I get to decide the activity next time.

PS – I have recovered from my hell week though I did step in a pile of ants on Monday. And I burned my hand tonight on a pan so I’m not sure it is completely over yet.


One Response to “Cheese Monkey”

  1. Emilia said

    Oh poor N and Mommy. I don’t like the scary cheese monkey, either, and I always need to sit alone in a quiet room after visiting him. Can you say over stimulation?!? I hate these time changes and I don’t even have a little person to keep on a schedule. I hope there are cupcakes in your future this week! You’ve earned them.

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