More Annoyed than Amused

Month 20

Posted by parsingtime on March 3, 2012

Dear N,

In a few every short months I won’t be counting your age in months. You will officially be a big girl.  Except that you already are.  You are constantly saying “self” when you want to do something by yourself.  I realized this past month that you were a big girl when you climbed up the jungle gym by yourself and slid down without my assistance to get you on the slide.  I’m going to pretend you are still my baby for four more months even though we both know it isn’t true, okay?

A few things: one bragging and one just pathetic about your mother.

It is frankly shocking that I’m allowed to be a mother of a girl with copious amounts of hair given my inability to do anything with my own other than wear it down or in a ponytail. Nani french braided your hair and you looked uber-cute.  But what I lack in hair doing abilities I make up for in healthy delicious snacks.  Your teacher told me I bring the best tasting snacks to school.  It made me feel like I’m winning at the stay at home mom gig. Homemade granola bars? Your mom rocks those. Cute hair, not so much.

Last week when I put you in the car and asked you what you did at school and you said, “sing. E-I-E-O.”   Today your dropped a bowl of strawberries and said, “I drop it.” I know everyone’s kid does this but I’m still amazed at the rate you pick up words and really understand the meaning.  You know that fans spin but you also know that other things that turn around (like the office chair) also spin. The sentences though? They are blowing me away.  You are a real human being, who understands what I’m saying.  Of course that doesn’t always work in my favor.  Like when it is raining and I say we can’t go to the park, well you understand and you don’t like it.

We are now through month two of school and I think it is helping.  You still cry at drop off but when you talk about school when you aren’t there it is always in a happy way. You like to name all your friends and tell me about Ms. Lacy and how you “did art” and played “ouuuu-side.”  We went to visit Kelly Belly and her boys a couple of weeks ago and you played in the play room with R&N without clinging to my legs.  You even visited and played with Gigi. It was nice to see you friendly and happy — the way I see you so much of the time but others don’t because you are so nervous around new people and crowds.

We have a busy month ahead of us at the end of which mommy and daddy are heading on vacation for a few days.  The Caribbean is calling our name and in the future I imagine a lot of our vacations will be to family friendly beach resorts and Disney World but for now you are going to spend a few fun-filled days with your grandparents and we are going sit on a beach and sleep til 8am (a full two hours than we sleep now), like the crazy kids that we are used to be.

We spent our honeymoon in Aruba and almost seven years later we are headed back.  So much has changed and while we will relish our child free days on the beach I know we will be anxious to get back to you.  You are the funniest, most fun and interesting person in our life right now.

Love Mommy

PS – you know the difference between a truck, dump truck, and tractor but every color is red. Are you color blind? It’s starting to worry me.


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