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Guess what I did this evening?

Posted by parsingtime on February 29, 2012

A couple of months ago our American Home Shield service came up for renewal.  Husband wanted to know if we really needed it.  We used it once last year.

I decided we would give it another whirl this year mostly because I fear the year I don’t renew is when all hell breaks loose and it costs a gazillion dollars to fix (let’s all recall the termite incident that was not covered by insurance.),

Today a three foot long  piece of plastic fell out of the dishwasher.

It was totally full of dirty dishes.  Of course it was.


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Posted by parsingtime on February 19, 2012

She got to lick the whip cream off the beaters.  Needless to say she liked it.

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Posted by parsingtime on February 13, 2012

Elmo fever has taken over my house. My dad bought this for her a few weeks ago and now the annoying fuzzy red squeaky voiced doll wears N’s shoes and has to eat lunch with her.  With his own cup of water.  N likes to check that I’ve actually put water in Elmo’s cup.  If I don’t she waves it around saying “no wadi mommy, elmo wadi.”

Please note that I did not put him in the chair, buckle the belt or put the tray over Elmo. I only provide his water and snacks.

Also, despite the stubborn tantrums that seem to occur every few days we are having a lot of fun with art projects and dance parties in the living room.  Unfortunately, I also have to dance with Elmo.

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Posted by parsingtime on February 9, 2012

No longer scared of the weird bouncy horse thing at the park.

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My mommy is so mean

Posted by parsingtime on February 8, 2012

She’s 19 months old and already testing her boundaries.  Please tell me this is normal.  I’m having to find patience I didn’t even know existed in me.

In this photo she is crying because I wouldn’t show her photos of herself.  Telling her I would show her the photo once I had taken it did not work.  They get rational by two right?

PS – don’t you love how the ponytails droop in solidarity?

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Month 19

Posted by parsingtime on February 3, 2012

Dear N,

Happy 19 Months.  This the month you will remember as “THE MONTH MY MOTHER ABANDONED ME FOR YOGA AND COFFEE WITH FRIENDS.”  Why, yes, this month you started a two day a week mothers day out program.  And for the first week you cried the whole three hours.  We are now down to crying when I drop you off and crying when I pick you up — just so that you know, that I know, that you know that I dropped you off and you didn’t like it.

It truly does break my heart to see those big fat tears running down your checks and hearing you cry “home” over and over, but I wouldn’t be sending you to school if I didn’t think it was good for you.  Sometimes you have to do things you don’t like.  Like, when your dad decided we had to join the cloud in December and I had to have a thirty minute lesson on how to access our files? That was like being dropped off at school for me. It sucks but then when you need a password while sitting in traffic on the freeway and you can access the cloud from your phone? You realize it really was important after all.   I hope that in a month or two this letter says something about how you skip into school, excited to learn and do new things.  Currently, you start crying when we turn into the parking lot.

This month you have started putting together two and three word — well sentences would be a stretch — but phrases for sure.  You says things like “daddy shopping” (you mean working but whenever I correct you, you insist he is shopping), “poopy diaper,” “mommy coming” (after I say, “mommy will be right back.”) and “I wub you.”   You also recognize people, dogs, cats and their respective names.  You call Random, A-mee-mee, when you see her photo and know the names of all your little buddies and their moms.

You can also sing T-Z of the alphabet song and sing what can only be described as an artistic rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (it goes something like this tinkle, tinkle staaaar, up uvvve sky high.” ).  You can also name the foods you like best, faffles (waffles), rice, pizza, and you can even say tortellini, which is just downright funny.  Shockingly (to me at least) you understand words like soggy. You touched a piece of peach the other day and said, “soggy wet.”  I said, no it’s juicy and you said juicy.  Two days later eating a Harry and David pear from your aunt (who clearly is spoiling you with her fruit of the month club Christmas gift) you looked at me and said, “juicy.”  You only heard it once.

Swinging continues to be your favorite activity.  You always tell me you’re flying when you go high.  We are still doing gymnastics and you have graduated to using the trapeze.  You might love the trapeze more than swinging.  You currently love: having people clap for you, being helpful (we made granola bars together and you couldn’t wait to show them to your dad), your stuffed puppies and monkey (shocking given have not shown much interest in stuffed animals in the last two months), sidewalk chalk, throwing the ball (even if it goes behind you, you still clap and cheer for yourself), splashing in the bath tub, Elmo, watching videos of yourself, making messes, and reading Hop on Pop.

You get more and more interesting each month and even though this month you have started announcing you are done with dinner by dropping your plate on the floor, I still like you.



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