More Annoyed than Amused

Cleaning Out

Posted by parsingtime on October 16, 2011

I spent two hours cleaning out my closet tonight instead of reading US Weekly, Food and Wine and The Economist (I like mixing the high brow with a side of hunger and celebrity ridiculousness – also forced use of miles for mags).

I discovered my fat jeans are way too big and have been relegated to the top of the closet waiting until we decide on that second kid or not.  My skinny purchased in college jeans (when clearly low rise jeans meant hi, here are the goods, take a good look (also when did I become such a fuddy duddy old lady?))  have also been moved to the top of the closet. Waiting for the day when I decide not eating works for me.

One ginormous black trash bag later and a gazillion extra hangers my closet is organized (until I next do laundry). Also, I have several new pairs of jeans/pants because seemingly the bootamp lady was right. I’ve lost inches even if I haven’t lost pounds. So yay for clothes that haven’t been worn since we moved into this house.

Now if only I could convince Husband that his TX/OU t-shirt from 2000 with 6 holes should be trashed.


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