More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on September 3, 2011

Dear N,

Happy 14 month birthday. I feel like this is one of those un-monumental birthdays. You know, like turning 22 or 8. It’s just 14 months. Not old enough to be almost 18 months and not a year anymore.

That’s okay, I’ll take 14 months over 13 any day of the week.  We have finally turned a corner. You have made it through your first Gandhi hunger strike without any ill effects (except for making your mother insane), though that’s the last time I’ll be reading biography’s aloud to you.  You have enough crazy ideas without me feeding you more. Ha.

You are also back to sleeping past 5am.  You frequently wake up at 6am but amuse yourself in your crib until 6:30 or 6:45.  It is much appreciated. When you finally stand up I know it is time to come get you.  It is amazing how great 6am looks when you’ve eaten cereal groggy eyed at 5am while your child runs around like you gave her 5 hour energy in her bottle instead of milk.

Yes, bottle. You are still on the bottle. I fail in this part of parenting.  You will happily drink a gazillion ounces of water from the sippy but are still refusing milk from the cup.  I’m hoping that in another month or two I will have worked up the courage to try again. But given how you become a crazed mad woman when milk touches anything other than your beloved bottle I’m pretty sure you’ll be the only kid in college schlepping her bottle with her to Chem 101.  I’m actually hoping that you will be more reasonable in a few months (ie you’re a big girl now, big girls use cups!), because clearly I still am a delusional crazy woman.

But! I do have reason to hope. You understand lots of things now. Like when we are going to go out, you go get your shoes for me to put on.  You know when Dad is getting ready for work to hand him his socks . You understand when I ask if you want dinner or breakfast (both usually answered with an emphatic “no,” when asked if you want moon pop, the “yahs” can’t come out quick enough).  You are still talking up a storm and you know a fair amount of real words that are understandable to people other than me.

You have fallen in love this month with another man (ie not your father).  He is the check out man at Whole Foods. He has gold teeth. And usually gives you a box of raisins or a banana.  You always say hi and wave to him and get a big smile every time you see him.  I find it hilarious and no matter how long Enrique’s line is we check out there.

We also started kiddie gymnastics this month and quite frankly I think I’m getting more of a work out than you but you love the trampoline and you need some work in the agility department so it seems to be a good activity.  It also wears you out and you usually nap for a long time. Mommy would pay twice the amount she is paying just for that nap.

One last thing you have started doing, which I hesitate to mention because it will be so embarrassing in the future but is so darn funny right now, is farting on purpose when your diaper is off and then laughing.  I see you clenching down to get your toots out and each one is more funny than the other.  And honestly, as disgusted in general I am by gas, yours really is funny.

I can’t help laughing with you.




One Response to “Fourteen”

  1. Emilia said

    Happy 14th N! Congrats on making Mama crazy this month!

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