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China by way of NYC

Posted by parsingtime on August 18, 2011

I spent last weekend with Random.  We got massaged by by Chinese ladies whose hands caused me to ache for three days but I no longer have knots in my shoulders.  We also ate, shopped, ate some more, bubble tea’d, and generally roamed around NYC. I also read three books which is more than I’ve read all year. It was lovely, many thanks to Random.

It was lovely.  I needed a mini break. I came back feeling refreshed if not rested (I think I need a beach and a month before I will feel rested) and then my kid decided to wake up at 1am screaming and all the tension the Chinese ladies had kung-fu’ed out of me came back again.

But I love the little stinker and I’ve been reading about sleep regression so we’ll continue to move forward and soon this will all be a distant memory.  All be it one that is written down for posterity in case I ever have the urge to procreate again. That btw, is a topic for another time. I might be one of those people who is happy with one kid.

I should move to China.


One Response to “China by way of NYC”

  1. Emilia said

    Well, you know if she’s going to make the St. John’s academic decathlon team, you’re going to have to spend long hours quizzing her on obscure trivia. You don’t have time to do that for more than one kid. I’ll be happy to pitch in with Russian, Scottish, and Texas history as well as the major and minor prophets and baseball. The answer is always Isaiah. Or Caligula. Or Nicholas I.

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