More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on August 17, 2011

Words my 13 month old can say:

Dada, Bye, Bath, Car, Mail, Go, Please (sounds like peas), Okay, Mama (though she is incredibly stingy with that one), Nose, Toe, Two (yes, two and toe sound remarkably similar but she uses them both correctly, points to her toe or when you ask what comes after one), shoe, ball, balloon (sounds like ball-oo), yes, no, knee

Things she can do:

Blow kisses with the kissing noise
Wave Hi and Bye
Point to her nose, ears, head, toe, bellybutton, tongue, knee
Woof, Meow, Moo, Snort (like a hippopotamus), roar (lion), oooh ooh (like a monkey or like Arsenio Hall, take your pick — still working on the fist pump)

Things she can’t do:

Drink milk from a sippy cup
And everything else — you know like read or ride a bike


One Response to “Words”

  1. Emilia said

    Such a smart girl you have there! You need to work on Aunt Emilia next. I also answer to Numiny and Meewee, Or whatever else sounds remotely close…

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