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Nerds Playing Nerd Sports

Posted by parsingtime on August 6, 2011

So I think we should look into Creme de la Creme because so and so’s kid got into St. John by going there.

St. John? Why are you concerned about getting N into St. John. When I was in high school we played those guys in Academic Decathalon and the were the biggest nerds out there.

Academic Decathalon? So let me get this straight. You were a nerd, playing a nerd “sport” and you thought those guys were nerds?

They wore sports jackets and pocket protectors. Okay, fine I admit I was nerdy but not as much as those guys.

Who won when you played them.

They did.

Exactly. And I want N to be a winner.


One Response to “Nerds Playing Nerd Sports”

  1. Emilia said

    But they wore matching red blazers and we wore pinky and the brain t-shirts!! St. John fashion fail. Not to mention their scary chaperone lady in the red dress.
    And we totally smoked them on Old Testament Prophets due to my timely guessing skills.

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