More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on July 14, 2011

So N knows the signs for all done, more and milk.

Teaching her those signs seems good in theory (they are the only ones I know, first off).  Theoretically they should make my life easier. My non-English speaking child (she is fluent in babble and screaming for fun) would be able to tell me things!


Good in theory!

Not so good in real life.

N now signs for milk while we are having dinner. Or after two bites of lunch, signs that she is all done.

And the more? Well she knows more but I never know what she wants more of.  I was on the phone and she was signing more, more, more furiously with her little hand foot and mouth rash covered hands and I had no idea what she wanted. I handed her a book, blocks, a magazine to rip up, a baby shoe (someone is obsessed with velcro right now)…turns out she wanted my phone.  She uses more for want.

It’s the mystery game…figure out what N wants!

Also in the world of unintended signing when I say no N wags one Bill Clinton-esque I did not have relations with that woman finger at me and shakes her head.  Because my mother wags her finger when she says no.  I feel like I’m being mocked and also that it is kind of hilarious. I’m trying to capture it on video. Because she clearly doesn’t understand that I want her to stop doing something. It’s the same as when I ask her where her head is and she points to her head.  No, in her little world means shaking your head and wagging your finger.

Apropos of nothing N got a hair cut today. The rat tail/mullet is gone and what is left behind is truly a toddler with a ‘do and not a baby. Shocking how a few inches of styled hair can make such a difference.


One Response to “Theories!”

  1. Emilia said

    I think you’re safe unless she starts emphasizing all of her points with a fist with the thumb slightly up like Clinton does so everyone knows when he’s really serious. 😉

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