More Annoyed than Amused

Hand Foot and Mouth

Posted by parsingtime on July 10, 2011

N has hand foot and mouth disease…ugh. She also managed to give it to some of playgroup because I didn’t know she was sick — no symptoms or rash or anything on Thursday when we went  and boom Friday I had an irritable kid with a rash.

We of course canceled attending what would have been an amazing birthday party for an adorable two year old this weekend so that all those kids didn’t get sick. I was sad I was going to miss out on cake and then Sunshine’s wife brought over cupcakes. I’m glad the pestilence at our house didn’t keep them away.

How can my kid not be sick for 50 weeks of her life and then be sick twice in three weeks? Even more annoying about her diagnosis? The pediatrician thinks she probably caught it at her 12 month check up.  Sometimes going to the doctors office is worse than just riding things out at home!


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