More Annoyed than Amused

More Laundry and No Chocolate

Posted by parsingtime on June 16, 2011

No sleep due to barking dog last night + N taking a short nap + bed time exorcist throw up + no secret chocolate in the house = cranky Parsing.

The kid has vomited in an exorcist manner exactly twice. Tonight it went in her hair, through the sheets down to the mattress cover and on the last clean pajamas in her size. Of course. The laundry is going (ohmyg0d THE LAUNDRY IS TAKING OVER MY HOUSE). She is wearing PJs meant for a 24 month old and seems happy as a clam. I on the other hand (and Husband who cleaned up while I bathed the urchin) ate a cold dinner (try reheating tilapia and tell me what you think) and lamented over the fact that the closest thing  I have to dessert in my house are gummy vitamins.

Bed time I think.


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