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Exotic Fruit, Choking and Puking

Posted by parsingtime on June 9, 2011

Last night Husband and I watched the first episodes of 30 Rock and Liz Lemon fears dying of choking alone in her apartment. Today I accidentally inhaled a lychee pit and almost killed myself. It was weird? Coincidental? The universe telling me not to start new TV shows? Unclear.

N likes lychees, which is good because if she didn’t we couldn’t be friends.  She did however decide to choke on a small piece of moon pop (she has a really strong gag reflex) which I fished out but she decided that wasn’t good enough so they threw up all of her red beans and brown rice/avacado lunch along with the very delicious guava, strawberry, mango smoothie I had made us.  Clearly, I couldn’t finish my smoothie after that.

Also, you KNOW that I had just put laundry in the dryer when the puking happened. Of course I had.

Why all the delicious and exotic fruit you ask? I discovered the Mexican farmers market near our neighborhood and got 9 million fruits and vegetables for $10. Also, unlike the grocery store the little abuela’s manning the stands encouraged me to try everything before I bought!

How is a Mexican farmers market different than the regular one? Well, there isn’t anyone selling hand churned goat cheese or homemade jam, which is unfortunate because I like the free samples.  It is however conveniently located near a Mexican bakery where you can buy these delicious coconut sort of scones except moister and more delicious for $.20. So it all works out. I think I might have to have Sunshine and Wife over for brunch just so I can go buy Mexican pastries.

They sent that carrier pigeon by the way. Very resourceful those two.


2 Responses to “Exotic Fruit, Choking and Puking”

  1. Emilia said

    I wouldn’t know a lychee if it hit me in the head…N is way more sophisticated than me!

  2. kelly said

    What is moon pop? Nicholas is less than a year older than Neeva and still that one is new to me.

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