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New Babysitter

Posted by parsingtime on June 8, 2011

So I like the new babysitter. She seems nice and the baby is always alive when we come home.

She however, always brings over her MCAT stuff and when I tell her about netflix on demand or to feel free to use the ipad or eat whatever she wants out of the fridge, she always says she ate already and she is going to study.

Except that netflix tracks what you watch and so now I know that instead of studying on Saturday she watched Ponyo. Which, really do I care? No I don’t, except for the fact that I want to tell her to study because her test is less than two months away and she has a full time job during the day.

It’s like I flash forwarded 20 years without even realizing it.  I became N’s 50 year old mother who worries about motherly crap in a blink of an eye with the babysitter who is only 10 years younger than me in age and a lifetime away in experiences.

I also make her text me when she gets home so I know she has arrived home safely. I’ve become Random’s mother (Random’s mother because my mother would never ask me to text because she wouldn’t know how to read it on her phone).


One Response to “New Babysitter”

  1. Emilia said

    My mom is slowly learning to text… it’s still easier to call, though. She is very proud of herself when she sends one all by herself!
    You are not alone in your sudden momness…at least you are a mom! I found myself giving very momish advice to 2 different college girls recently. After each encounter was over I wanted to run after them and say, “But really what do I know? Do whatever you want…”

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