More Annoyed than Amused

Unpaid Paid Work

Posted by parsingtime on June 6, 2011

Sometimes when I’m working late into the night* with my paid work all I can think is, man this isn’t worth it. I would rather be reading or watching TV or just staring into space without someone tugging on my legs to get my attention.

Then I remember my hourly rate. And how I still have something on my resume for when I’m ready to resume a real job.**

And then I remember how my client hasn’t paid me in 5 months and how they owe me a lot of money.

And then I think, man this isn’t worth it but it would probably be okay if I got paid the five checks owed to me.

And then I get back to work. Because I’m nothing if not reliable. Even when you don’t pay me.

* I never work as late into the night as Husband. His ability to be mentally on 18 hours a day is amazing.
** Parenting is a real job, and is 24/7.  By real job I mean one with a pay check, healthcare and a 401(k).


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