More Annoyed than Amused

11 Months

Posted by parsingtime on June 3, 2011

Dear N,

Happy 11 month birthday.  This has been the month of changes.  You are now crawling.  And crawling fast. You like to crawl behind the couch and play peek a boo with me.  You like to crawl over to the bathroom when I’m in it to see what is happening. The only thing you like better than crawling is walking.  Unfortunately, someone has to be holding your hands but you have happily logged many miles walking around the kitchen pausing to examine tea towels, what’s new in the pantry and the door stopper on your way.  My back hurts. Also, if you could pick up the pace I might be able to log our “walks” as exercise.  Alas, our current one mile per hour rate is burning no calories for mama and costing us money in terms of chiropractic needs.

We have had a busy month. We have been taking full advantage of our family pass to the children’s museum (best Groupon ever!) and going to play there every week. We have had lunch with friends, which is getting harder to do because being confined to your high chair for 30 minutes is not your favorite activity no matter how much moon pop I put in your hands. I even took a page out of Kelly’s book and started our own tot time with your playgroup friends, complete with songs, activities, reading and parachute time. I think everyone is having fun and it is good for you since you seem to get overwhelmed in crowds of people.  I’ve been looking into preschools for you and have even left you at the gym day care for the first time this month. It hasn’t gone super well but it is getting better.

You’ll be happy to know that I won’t be selling you to science after all. You have three teeth! And several more coming in. I’ve told Dad to start saving for braces because they look crooked. The teething has made you a tad cranky and for the first time since January you have woken up at night.  I wasn’t thrilled at having to get out of bed  and at the same time I appreciated your timing because it reminded me that, no I’m not ready to have another baby despite having 10 people ask me that this month.  Your daughter is almost a year, are you thinking about having another? The answer to that is Hell No. I enjoy sleeping and running and sushi.

And I’m enjoying you.

It is truly amazing to me that in 11 short months you have gone from what Angelina Jolie describes as a blob to a person with likes and dislikes, a person who understands what I’m asking when I ask if you want milk or looks around when I ask where Dada is.  I have to do something that is actually funny to make you laugh. When we sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes you point to your head and you can give me five, though usually I get about thirty. You understand that you can draw with your fingers on the iPad.   You recognize your little friends. And actually wave and say “buh” when I say wave bye bye. Buh! You are trying to talk and not just gibberish! You have become a real person who understands. You don’t understand much (yet) but you do understand. It really is amazing, in spite of the fact that babies have been doing this for thousands of years, because I’ve never experienced it.

You’ve started giving hugs this month. It has been my favorite new thing you do.



PS – Just for the record (since it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns), the hanging on to my leg and licking it while I’m in the kitchen is giving me a whole new meaning for the term ankle biter. Let’s stop with the whining I can’t hold your hands and walk around the house with you ALL day.


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