More Annoyed than Amused

Thanks Husband

Posted by parsingtime on May 6, 2011

Husband will admit he is hardly ever considerate. But when he tries to do something nice he usually goes overboard. Like when I wanted an iTunes gift card for my birthday and I got 50 iTunes gift cards in various amounts (this was two years ago and I still haven’t spent all that money).  Yesterday he came home with bahn mi and cupcakes, in part because I had made breakfast for 8 in the morning and didn’t want to make dinner. But does he come home with 2 cupcakes? No he comes home with six.

And though we did not eat them all, I got on the elliptical when really all I wanted to do was get into bed with elastic waist pants.

That’s the thing about Husband you can’t tell him things you like because then you end up with a crazy much nicer version of it that you expected.  Like my car. Going from a Sentra to a Highlander would have been a huge change but leave it to Husband and I end up with an MDX.  But he tries and his effort is appreciated especially on a Friday night when I have to work (which is no fun for him since he is coming off a killer week) at least there is a nutella cupcake and some excellent Pandora tunes to keep me company.


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