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Ten Months: You are the Mountain Not Muhammed

Posted by parsingtime on May 3, 2011


Happy Ten Month Birthday. You and I have officially spent 80 weeks together (I”ll explain that later).  That sounds like a long time but just wait until I move into your house when I’m 80 and you have to change my diapers. I’m betting one week will feel like 80 then. It’s all relative.

I thought this month I would be talking about your crawling. But no you are content to sit on your diaper clad butt and wait for life and all its interesting things to come to you.  There is no crawling, no attempt at pulling up and no pulling yourself into a sitting position by yourself.  You rock back and forth and do a mean downward dog (not even kidding about that) but other than that? Nothing.  All your little buddies are crawling and climbing and you are not.  This is making your father and I very paranoid.  I imagine this is just the first of many times we will feel paranoid about your progress and compare you to your friends.  You just don’t seem terribly interested in furthering your physical mobility.

You are however brilliant (I might be reaching on this. You can’t crawl so mama will make you good at something). When you are asked where the ball is you can pick it out from a group of items and give it to me.  You can do that with several different objects and 90% of the time you can also point to mama and dada in different photos lining the stairs.  Your mental faculties are top notch (or just average but we’ll say top notch because it sounds better).

Back to your little friends. They all have teeth.  You have none. I’m pretty sure we are going to have to fit you for dentures in a few months.  Or maybe veneers.  Growing teeth is just one of those things people do and if you can’t do it, well,  hopefully we’ll be able to sell your DNA to some medical study and make some money off of your strangeness.

We also made a huge progress this month in that you pet both a cat and a dog without cowering in fear and crying like you had met Stephen Kings Pet Cemetery come to life (don’t read that book way too scary).

You love to walk around the house while holding our hands to keep you steady.  You still love reading your books (even if you do read upside down at times), throwing the ball in every direction but mine and plucking grass. You also have full on conversations with yourself and I’m dying to know what is going on in that little mind of yours. I have visions of grand thoughts but I’m guessing you’re just contemplating how to get the lid off the canister of puffs so that all the puffs may be yours.

I’ve also noticed that there is a marked difference in how you greet me and how your greet your dad.  We sent you away to your grandparents house for the night and when I went to pick you up, you looked at me like, oh great, she’s here. I’ll give her a half-hearted smile because it is expected of me.  When we got home to Dad there were squeals and grins and you launched yourself out of my arms to get into his. I know he is exciting and much more interesting than me but just remember who is in charge of the puffs distribution. It isn’t your Dad.



PS – I was only kidding about selling you to science for research.  We would never do that. The dentures however are another story.

PPS – normal people don’t use this many parentheticals.


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  1. Emilia said

    Happy 10 months, N!

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