More Annoyed than Amused

Birthday Weekend Fail

Posted by parsingtime on April 30, 2011

Husband’s birthday weekend was a bust.  Dinner was okay even though I spent my entire week struggling over the best place.  We left before dessert because it was kind of that much of a bust.  We came home and walked over to a local place to order drinks and dessert.  Husband ordered me the wrong dessert and that just made the night an epic fail (can you imagine getting coconut cream pie when you wanted the nutella mousse with brownie?).

I’m funny like that. I don’t sweat the big stuff (Husband doesn’t have a job and I’m pregnant? Sure, whatever. We are moving to Dubai. Okay, fine) but the small stuff can ruin my entire day.

Then today we had plans to go out and had a sitter coming over. She was supposed to arrive at 6:15.  At 6:26 I called to make sure she wasn’t lost etc.  At 6:50 Husband left to go out without me.  At 7:41 I got a text that read (verbatim): Im so srryy i forgot. i normally remember. Im at another babysittin job right now.  Im really sorry. Oh my gosh i feel terrible.    This is a Rice University student.

If my child ever writes in text talk I’m going to take away her phone. I don’t think it is too much to ask for to have a decently written text. (Yes, Yes, I know the grammatical mistakes on this blog are atrocious but they aren’t intentional but usually due to lack of time).

So here I am alone on a Saturday night, eating leftovers out of my fridge, writing this blog and researching mothers day out programs.  If I weren’t so darn fortunate to have a lovely life in general (you know the one that can afford babysitters and dinners out) I might feel like banging my head up against a wall.  But since I clearly suffer from first world upper middle class problems I’m going to shut it and get back to my research.


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