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8 Months, I think

Posted by parsingtime on March 3, 2011

Dear N,

Happy 8 Month Birthday. Much like all your previous birthdays there will be no cake for you though Mama might treat herself to a cupcake as a reward for dealing with the whining for no reason that has been going on this month. Are you teething? Are you bored with your toys? You love the swing. You hate the swing. Is the state of the Middle East causing you to lose sleep? Or perhaps the price of gas? Whatever it is, it sounds like a mosquito buzzing in my ear for several hours every day. Perhaps this is your version of talking but if so I would rather have malaria than listen to the buzzing/humming thing you do.  I pick a disease over your voice, that’s how annoying the whining is to me.

I feel like I having nothing momentous to write this month. I will say that much like your father, you know how to do a lot of things but if they don’t interest you, you choose not to do them. Like, you will roll over to reach a pacifier but not for any other reason. Or you will get up off your belly for my blackberry or the remote control but not if there is some inane toy in front of you.  I have the feeling that this little trait of yours (or should I say your dad’s) is going to drive me a bit nuts later in life.

Speaking of the pacifier you love it and wish you had it 24/7. You don’t cry if I take it away from you but you do actively look for it. In fact your father and I were a bit worried you might be a tad, shall we say slow, but as I mentioned in above, it’s not that you are slow, it’s that you are only interested in the things that benefit you (crawling does not benefit you because people pick you up and move you where you need to be especially if you whine long enough). Prime example? At night after you have gone to sleep I’ve been leaving a pacifier in your crib so that when you wake up at 4am you find it, stick it your mouth and go back to sleep. I’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks now and now somehow you’ve set your body clock to wake up an hour or two after I’ve put you to bed to search out the pacifier so you can have it all night long. You know that I’m putting it within arms reach. You totally know. I’ve actually taken it out of your mouth at 10pm and watched you on the monitor, wake up, find it and go back to sleep.

I’m going to have to cut you off cold turkey but then the only person suffering is me. Funny how that works.

I have discovered something interesting about you this month. Much like your Uncle K in San Francisco, you do not like fat people. No really, if the check out person is fat you cry. If they are thin you don’t. You don’t seem to like your great grandmother very much and she is a bit chunky.  We went over to friend’s house and you liked the thin Husband but the wife who had just had a baby? Not so much. I suppose it is better than being racist but not by much.

Anyway, despite the bouts of whining and the pacifier wars you continue to be a sweet girl who half screams half laughs when the swing goes high and coos excitedly when your dad walks into the roon.



PS – you continue to eat like a champ and are terrified of the hair dryer.


One Response to “8 Months, I think”

  1. Emilia said

    Happy 8 month birthday, sweet Miss N! I’m so sorry you’ve been cake deprived… head on up the highway next weekend and I’ll share some of mine with you. Mimi makes an excellent red velvet cake. I promise not to have any hair dryers or corn husks in attendance. 😉

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