More Annoyed than Amused

So Long 2010

Posted by parsingtime on December 31, 2010

New Year tragedy? My favorite pair of jeans has another hole in the crotch.  I fixed the original hole at Denim Therapy but now there is one on the other side. I think it is time to retire them but I’m not happy about it.

We are spending New Years Eve cleaning out our study. In our defense we did just have four free nights from the baby. Plus getting a sitter on New Years Eve is a pain as far as I can tell and my parents usually have plans. They are cooler than me clearly.

Baby fell asleep at 6:30. I couldn’t even keep her awake until 7. I have tried extra naps, later naps, more food, less food, more play, less play, more everything and less everything. Going to bed that early means she is still up at 4 and hungry (10 hours really is a decent amount and I can understand why she is hungry but still…mama needs her sleep) so tonight we will try no food and a pacifier (which she loves and hasn’t been getting).  My guess is that it will work for an hour and then she will cry for food.  This sleep thing is complicated because despite the fact that I don’t have a problem letting her cry, I can’t let it go on indefinitely. After 20 or 30 minutes is just seems like cruel and unusual punishment. Ferber, we need more solutions.

I ordered some new bathing suits this week. That’s a moment of truth I’m not looking forward to.

Okay, I think the shredder has cooled down from my over using it. Back to work.

Happy Happy 2011 everyone. I hope the next decade brings less war, less deficit, more laughter, good friends, healthy families and lots of fantastic tasting desserts with the fat content of carrots (hey, more chance of that than less war).


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