More Annoyed than Amused

Bad Mom

Posted by parsingtime on December 20, 2010

N has been screaming in her bath the last couple of days. Usually she loves bath time, especially since she has figured out how to make big splashes that cause her mother to end up soaked.

Anyway, it turns out she has some sort of scrape on the back of her head*  and every time I put shampoo on her hair it is burning.

Whoops.  Good thing Husband put two and two together. I guess she’ll just be a grease ball until it heals up.

* No, I have no idea where the scrape came from. No I did not drop her (which is what my pediatrician friend asked). Also last night I gave her a bath and when I got the soap out her bottom lip started to quiver and she started crying. I hadn’t even done anything. This kid remembers.


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