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Long Way

Posted by parsingtime on December 19, 2010

Well N is almost 6 months old.

This is what I looked like when I found out I was pregnant

And this is me today:

and just for kicks…37 weeks.

Crappy bberry photo on purpose (no one wants to see the stretch marks in 16 megapixels). Still need more tone and definition but the mommy tummy is mostly gone.

I would like to point out to all the celebrities out there who lost their weight breast feeding and eating like a horse blah blah blah…I don’t believe you unless you all have the metabolism of Kelly.

As for me it was approximately five months of pretty hard work. I’m not one to deprive myself completely but I did not eat very much of my secret chocolate, no alcohol or soda so to speak, LOTS of lentils, vegetable soups, fish, chicken, green tea, fruits and veggies.  And I exercised. I did videos when I couldn’t get out or move very much (my nether regions still shudder when they recall the months of July and August), I got out with my jogging stroller, jogged by myself and then walked 5 miles at least 4 times a week with whoever was available from my mom’s group that day (walking with someone else makes the time pass a lot quicker). And then for the last six weeks I was doing my jogging/walking regimen and added a boot camp class which seems to have gotten a few more pounds off so that I look almost like I did before pregnancy (I had to get to a lower weight than pre-pregnancy to make that happen). Fortunately, N likes to be outside and we get to talk about all the things we see when we are out so both of us benefit (or at least that’s what I tell myself).

I feel good. It took more time than I would have ideally liked but I stopped wearing maternity clothes about 6 weeks after N was born and my own clothes are looking better than they have in almost a year. The weight loss push was totally for my own benefit and I’m glad I stuck with it, happy healthy Mom equals…well it doesn’t equal a happy baby but it puts me in a better frame of mind in general.


One Response to “Long Way”

  1. Neha said

    Wow that’s amazing and totally inspirational!!!! I hope to look that good after I have a baby haha.

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