More Annoyed than Amused

Wherein I remove all doubt

Posted by parsingtime on December 15, 2010

I am so completely exhausted that when I got home today from a holiday lunch and saw that N was sleeping I switched myself into the passenger seat and took a nap in the car in the garage. I turned off the engine of course otherwise I wouldn’t be here to write this. But I know my kid and if I had moved her car seat even just one inch she would have woken up.

As it is she took a nice longish nap and I tried to nap but instead wondered if the car doors being shut and the AC being off meant that we were breathing in all the oxygen and would we then die from too much CO2 (do people die from CO2? I feel like any scientific knowledge I might had had left my brain many years ago. By writing this parenthetical have I opened my mouth and removed all doubt regarding my foolishness? Ah well.) and then of course my mind wondered to people in coffins — you know should they be put in there alive would there be enough air?

Like I said, I was tired but too wired to actually sleep.

I am also recovering from some sort of stomach flu too, which got me up several times in the night, except never when the kid wanted to be up. And my kid totally fooled me into thinking she was sleeping through the night for three nights and then stopped sleeping through the night and now I want to shoot myself.

Can you give a baby Ambien? Just kidding, don’t call CPS.


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