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Weekend in Bullet Points

Posted by parsingtime on December 13, 2010

I am so behind on everything. So behind that today I’m dropping my child off at my mom’s so that I can finish Christmas shopping and also asked if I could bring two overflowing baskets of laundry for her to fold while she is at it. I’m so busy I will lug clean laundry 25 miles to my mothers. That is just pathetic.

Anyway, all that laundry is because at our hotel in NJ this weekend I saw a bug crawling on the bed and if I have brought bed bugs back to Texas I will be extremely unhappy and by extremely unhappy I mean OHMYGAWDBUGSINMYHOUSEIDIE


  • Sleeping in the same room as N is about as pleasant as sleeping with a snoring wholly mammoth.
  • She touched everything on the plane much to my dismay.
  • And then when she shat all over herself on the plane I dropped her clean clothes on the floor in the bathroom, much to the everyone’s dismay, ugh. How is it my regular poops at 6am every single day of her life child chooses to poop in the afternoon while on the plane?
  • Flight delayed three hours. Guess who slept all three hours of the delay?
  • Wedding was eh.
  • Seeing Random Banker was awesome. Thanks for making the trip Random for just a couple of hours of Time family fun time (and by fun time I mean N farting regularly and then making her dead dog sounds).
  • N was confused at the airport when she would look over at someone and smile and they wouldn’t smile back. In her short little life people just don’t do that. When she smiles people respond. She’s crushed that she isn’t the charmer she thought she was.
  • I’m happy I don’t live in a cold climate with a small child.
  • You cannot travel through the airport without some sort of Bjorn/Moby wrap/carrier/sling etc. Or at least I can’t.
  • Traveling with a baby — even a baby who did not cry and was perfectly well behaved on both three hour flights is just not worth it for a short weekend. SO. MUCH. STUFF.
  • I worked until midnight last night. This morning is painful.
  • Car seat carriers are awesome.

One Response to “Weekend in Bullet Points”

  1. Emilia said

    How can anyone not smile back when faced with N’s lovely grin? I didn’t think that was possible!

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