More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on December 3, 2010

Dear N,

You are five months old today! FIVE! That’s a whole hand. This past month has been busy. We all survived our first trip without you, and I daresay everyone had a good time. You were spoiled by your grandparents and we were spoiled with sleep and not living our lives in thee hour increments.

This month you have mastered the last of the holy trinity of frat boys everywhere…you know know how to spit. Burping, farting and spitting. I’m budgeting for Swiss Finishing school because your lack of lady like manners is atrocious!  I’m just kidding, I mean not about the spitting because you totally do that but I won’t send you to Switzerland. I’m sure there are finishing schools in America.

You have also discovered how much fun your feet are and can’t believe that I was hiding such a tasty, tasty treat from you. And behold! There are two. You’ve never been more excited to discover that your new favorite thing comes in a twin pack.  It is amusing for me to watch you try to get both feet in your mouth. So far, feet 1000, N, 0.

I recently read that babies your age have a 7 to 9 second memory span and that explains why your feet are so exciting to you every time you discover them. I don’t even feel that much joy when I find  a piece of leftover Halloween candy in the back of the pantry.

You may not like to hear this but I have started ignoring you this month. Frequently, you wake up around midnight and for several weeks I too would wake up and feed you. In the last couple of weeks I’ve realized you aren’t that hungry and you really don’t need anything so I’ve been leaving you be unless you start crying. More often than not you fall back asleep after talking to yourself for a little while and then wake up for you usual 4am feeding.  We are back to once a night and I’d like to say it is great but really, Mama is tired.  She is hitting a wall and if you don’t start sleeping through the night soon she might get herself committed to a mental facility so that she can sleep. Seriously, please sleep two hours longer. Please. Please.

My begging comes at an inopportune time given that I’m pretty sure you are teething.  You are chomping on anything and everything that comes your way (including poor Emilia’s fingers). You have also been eating rice cereal and have now mastered the art of “eating” sitting up…and by mastered I mean 70% of the food ends up in your mouth versus the bib. I guess that is more like just passing, but some of the problem might be my poor feeding skills.

We are heading into your first holiday season and while Santa won’t be bringing you too many things this year (really, you don’t need anything) your Dad and I are looking forward to decorating our first tree together ever and celebrating the holidays with all our family in one place. As far as I can tell your biggest value add into our little family is forcing everyone to come to us for holidays instead of us traveling and splitting the holidays. So good job and keep up the good work.



PS Sleep? Yes? Come on, you know you want to.


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