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The Hood

Posted by parsingtime on December 2, 2010

We live in an area of Houston that is what is politely termed in transition. Our house is new. One of the houses across the street from us has no siding (though the owner is a lovely Architect who recently went through a divorce and is redoing the house himself) and another has a chicken in the front yard. Why a chicken I have no idea, also we are in a very urban area so it is a surprising choice of a pet. Come to think of it, it might be a rooster…so perhaps they have a chicken coop in the back. Who knows. Oh and the chicken people also have a filing cabinet on their front porch. Also a mystery.

Anyway, our neighborhood is not exactly like the suburbs where we grew up. We have some less than savory people roaming around and the schools aren’t exactly where you would want to send your child but the area is definitely improving. We have a brand new grocery store and a Whole Foods being built close by. We have hike and bike trails, developers are constantly buying land and tearing down old homes to build new ones etc. There is also a pretty strong parenting group for the other people like us who want to live close to town but can’t afford a 500K+ house.

I’ve managed to meet a lot of really nice people through the parenting group and in a year when Husband has been busier than I have ever experienced in 11 years of knowing each other, it has been a nice way to keep my sanity.  When N was first born the women I had met, though didn’t know well, were the ones answering emails in the middle of the night because we were all up every few hours nursing.  You go through this trial by fire, known as being responsible for a newborn, and it is definitely a bonding experience.

Through this group, I met a girl who lives down the street and has a son who is a few weeks older than N. We have gotten to know each other as decently well as two people who have known each other for no more than three months can. We take our strollers out in the late afternoon (in the parenting world the three hours before bedtime feel like nine) walk and chat about nothing and everything, and have slowly gotten to know each other.

The other night I needed an ingredient for a dip I was making and I called my neighbor to see if she had what I needed. She didn’t but her Husband had to stop at the grocery store on his way home so she asked him to pick it up for me, knowing what a pain it would have been for me to drag N to the store at 6pm.  I made her some granola as a small thank you gift. Tonight was the first night of Hanukkah and she made me some latkes and sent over some cheesecake.

I live in an a place where a lot of people wouldn’t choose to live, but there are really great people everywhere. I have a borrowing neighbor.  Someone I know I could count on in an emergency.  Someone who could count on me. It’s a nice feeling.


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