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So Long 2010

Posted by parsingtime on December 31, 2010

New Year tragedy? My favorite pair of jeans has another hole in the crotch.  I fixed the original hole at Denim Therapy but now there is one on the other side. I think it is time to retire them but I’m not happy about it.

We are spending New Years Eve cleaning out our study. In our defense we did just have four free nights from the baby. Plus getting a sitter on New Years Eve is a pain as far as I can tell and my parents usually have plans. They are cooler than me clearly.

Baby fell asleep at 6:30. I couldn’t even keep her awake until 7. I have tried extra naps, later naps, more food, less food, more play, less play, more everything and less everything. Going to bed that early means she is still up at 4 and hungry (10 hours really is a decent amount and I can understand why she is hungry but still…mama needs her sleep) so tonight we will try no food and a pacifier (which she loves and hasn’t been getting).  My guess is that it will work for an hour and then she will cry for food.  This sleep thing is complicated because despite the fact that I don’t have a problem letting her cry, I can’t let it go on indefinitely. After 20 or 30 minutes is just seems like cruel and unusual punishment. Ferber, we need more solutions.

I ordered some new bathing suits this week. That’s a moment of truth I’m not looking forward to.

Okay, I think the shredder has cooled down from my over using it. Back to work.

Happy Happy 2011 everyone. I hope the next decade brings less war, less deficit, more laughter, good friends, healthy families and lots of fantastic tasting desserts with the fat content of carrots (hey, more chance of that than less war).


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Posted by parsingtime on December 31, 2010

Kiddo is back. We missed her.

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Posted by parsingtime on December 27, 2010

The baby is staying with her grandparents for the next three days and Husband and I are getting stuff done that there just never seems to be time for.

Today alone I have folded and put away two loads of laundry, cleaned out my closet of all the clothes I haven’t worn in a while, put away the Christmas stuff, addressed, stamped and mailed out our Happy New Year cards, taken (with Husband) all the boxes that seem to have been making box babies in our garage to the recycling center, eaten Banh Mi, made reservations for a massage and facial on Wednesday and made a metric ton of baby food.

I had made a sweet potato here and some pureed pears there but this was my first foray in making a ton of baby food at one time. First, it is easy. Easier than I thought. Second it was quick!

I went to Whole Foods spent about $15.00 on carrots, butternut squash, peaches, pears, peas, sweet potato and mangoes and less than two hours later I had steamed, baked, pureed and cleaned up everything. Crazy given that those tiny little jars of baby food they sell run about a $.80 a piece. Cheaper and healthier FTW!

I now have enough food in my freezer for a good long while.If any of you moms have any suggestions for other first foods your kiddos enjoyed let me know.

We have awesome dinner reservations for the next three nights and will pick up the kiddo on Thursday. We also have a bet with a friend, who doesn’t think we will make it until Thursday without at least going for a visit. I don’t like to lose bets, especially since we have dinner at Indika on the line!

Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. We certainly did.

Books from Aunt Random.

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Merry Merry

Posted by parsingtime on December 26, 2010

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Fa La La La

Posted by parsingtime on December 23, 2010

Christmas is almost upon us and I am almost done wrapping all my gifts. We put up the first tree of our married life this year (and by we I mean me — I told Husband next year better be a group effort or I’m boycotting), we have stockings and the family is coming to our house for the holidays.

It should be interesting, Husband’s non-meat eating, tee-totaling family with my carnivorous lot of drinkers. Woo. Boy.  And then after the holidays we are dropping N off with the grandparents for three days and having a mini-staycation complete with sushi, massages and a whole lot of household things that need to get done. I’m excited.

We started Ferberizing last night. It seems she is waking up at 4am because she thinks it’s time to eat so we are now weaning her from that feed. We’ll see what happens.

2010 has been pretty crazy with the move, purchase of a new house, new baby, new job and a whole lot of other new stuff….despite the fact that I’ve most of the last six months looking at someone elses bowel movements,  the year on whole has been pretty great.

Merry Christmas!

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Parenting Fail

Posted by parsingtime on December 22, 2010

My kid currently screams during bath time and will only nap in her car seat.  She still getting up in the night and ignoring her doesn’t seem to work. She is hungry so I feed her and she goes back to sleep. At almost six months old shouldn’t she be sleeping through the night?

Time to get some sleep books and figure out what to do since the Pediatricians advice isn’t working.

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Posted by parsingtime on December 20, 2010

Took away the kids pacifier and now she is punishing me — No Nap N is living up to her name in a big way.

Send in the armed forces, Godzilla baby is about to crush Houston with withdrawal symptoms.

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Bad Mom

Posted by parsingtime on December 20, 2010

N has been screaming in her bath the last couple of days. Usually she loves bath time, especially since she has figured out how to make big splashes that cause her mother to end up soaked.

Anyway, it turns out she has some sort of scrape on the back of her head*  and every time I put shampoo on her hair it is burning.

Whoops.  Good thing Husband put two and two together. I guess she’ll just be a grease ball until it heals up.

* No, I have no idea where the scrape came from. No I did not drop her (which is what my pediatrician friend asked). Also last night I gave her a bath and when I got the soap out her bottom lip started to quiver and she started crying. I hadn’t even done anything. This kid remembers.

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Long Way

Posted by parsingtime on December 19, 2010

Well N is almost 6 months old.

This is what I looked like when I found out I was pregnant

And this is me today:

and just for kicks…37 weeks.

Crappy bberry photo on purpose (no one wants to see the stretch marks in 16 megapixels). Still need more tone and definition but the mommy tummy is mostly gone.

I would like to point out to all the celebrities out there who lost their weight breast feeding and eating like a horse blah blah blah…I don’t believe you unless you all have the metabolism of Kelly.

As for me it was approximately five months of pretty hard work. I’m not one to deprive myself completely but I did not eat very much of my secret chocolate, no alcohol or soda so to speak, LOTS of lentils, vegetable soups, fish, chicken, green tea, fruits and veggies.  And I exercised. I did videos when I couldn’t get out or move very much (my nether regions still shudder when they recall the months of July and August), I got out with my jogging stroller, jogged by myself and then walked 5 miles at least 4 times a week with whoever was available from my mom’s group that day (walking with someone else makes the time pass a lot quicker). And then for the last six weeks I was doing my jogging/walking regimen and added a boot camp class which seems to have gotten a few more pounds off so that I look almost like I did before pregnancy (I had to get to a lower weight than pre-pregnancy to make that happen). Fortunately, N likes to be outside and we get to talk about all the things we see when we are out so both of us benefit (or at least that’s what I tell myself).

I feel good. It took more time than I would have ideally liked but I stopped wearing maternity clothes about 6 weeks after N was born and my own clothes are looking better than they have in almost a year. The weight loss push was totally for my own benefit and I’m glad I stuck with it, happy healthy Mom equals…well it doesn’t equal a happy baby but it puts me in a better frame of mind in general.

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PF: Holiday Photos

Posted by parsingtime on December 17, 2010

We went and got family photos done on N’s 5 month birthday. The family shots will end up being Christmas gifts for the grandparents and I’m using several of the shots for our holiday card.

Yes, this was as tame as I could get her hair.

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