More Annoyed than Amused

I Usually Enjoy Getting Mail

Posted by parsingtime on November 16, 2010

Dear N’s Bowels,

Please stop delivering packages at 5:30 in the morning.  You wake up the one who receives the package and in turn the one who has to sign for it.

Opening packages at 5:30am when my eyes are still glued together and my nose has not had time to prepare for the onslaught  is cruel and unusual punishment.

Please for the love of pete wait for another hour or two.



PS I curse you daylight savings and all your children too.


One Response to “I Usually Enjoy Getting Mail”

  1. Kelly said

    I hear you on the daylight savings. As soon as you have kids, spring forward becomes better than fall back. There is hope though, for some reason,this year the time change didn’t affect mine at all, they adjusted automatically. Maybe sometimes you get lucky, because the last three years I was in your shoes. Let’s get together soon. Would you guys be able to get together with Emily over Thanksgiving? She has some time free. I could have everyone over or we could ditch the kids and go out.

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