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Photo Friday

Posted by parsingtime on November 12, 2010

N, 4 months 8 days

Weight – 15lbs 5oz , 80%
Height – 26 inches, 94%
Head Circ. – 17 inches, 93%

I have birthed a giant with a giant head. All those stats combined with the hair make people think she is older than she is.

These were taken on the bberry (so excuse the crappy quality) on our walk to UPS after N’s 4 month shots (love my neighborhood where you can walk to the post office and UPS. Give it up for the small town feel of my little part of Houston) .  She totally recognized the nurse from last time. She was perfectly content until the nurse walked in with the shots and then she screamed bloody murder. Shots suck. For the patient and the parentbecause dealing with your baby after shots is no fun, despite the smiles in the above photos.


3 Responses to “Photo Friday”

  1. Summer said

    You must want to just eat those cheeks everyday!!! She is so cute!!! And with that hair, you’re going to have so much fun putting it in all sorts of fun hair styles!

    Love the updates…keep ’em coming!

  2. Car said

    SO CUTE!!!!! Omg I can’t wait to meet her she’s so cute! And did I mention how she’s so cute?

  3. Emilia said

    Sweet girl! Love that grin.

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