More Annoyed than Amused

No Last Name Here

Posted by parsingtime on November 9, 2010

It is unclear how the state of Texas manages to be quite this inept but they managed to leave my last name off N’s birth certificate. And no they didn’t think it was odd that a person, who just gave birth to a child with a last name, who has a Husband with a last name, did not have a last name.

What’s super awesome about their mistake is that I now get to spend a lot of money petitioning for a change in my child’s birth certificate and then spending  more money to order new birth certificates.  I’m thrilled.

Boot camp kicked my butt this morning and unlike the other mom’s I chose not to go to coffee/breakfast afterward and went for a jog.  We have to come up with a halfway goal and an end of boot camp goal. So my halfway goal is to be able to do 25 real push ups.  My end goal is to look like I did before pregnancy except with stretch marks.  Hence, the no coffee/breakfast because it is going to take a good diet and exercise to reach that goal. We’ll see what happens.


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