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Still Us

Posted by parsingtime on November 6, 2010

Every morning while N is eating her breakfast she pauses, starts grunting, farting and poops into her diaper. Every morning. She is very regular like that.  And every morning I feel that soft weird baby poop squirting into her diaper on my stomach. It is my least favorite part of the day. Today my parents get to experience it.

We are currently halfway across the country and I’m happy to report there were no tears from anyone when we left yesterday (I didn’t even have the urge to cry, does that make me a bad mother?) and this morning I’m feeling quite refreshed after 10 hours of sleep.

Husband asked me this morning over breakfast if I missed her and I said no not really (I mean I’m not feeling this longing urge to hold my precious baby right now) and he agreed. And then we wondered if we were bad parents.  I’m going to go with no.

I know the kid is in good hands and although I missed seeing her smiling little face this morning (she tends to be most fun after 12 hours of sleep — and really that isn’t surprising given that Husband is that same) I do believe I’m going to enjoy myself today…fresh air, no responsibilities and good friends.

Also, hell froze over because Mama is rockin’ a pair of skinny jeans (something I never did pre-pregnancy). It’s amazing what reaching my pre-pregnancy weight has done for my general well-being (although let’s be honest, it doesn’t all look like it did a year ago).

This wedding we are going to stated Farm Chic on the invitation and the bride told me she was wearing jeans…so jeans, frye boots and a sweater it is.


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  1. Kelly said
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