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Death by Tiredness

Posted by parsingtime on October 26, 2010

The kid has been getting up multiple times a night versus her usual one this week. It is slowly causing my brain to turn to mush. I thought she might be having a growth spurt but even if I make a bigger bottle she is still drinking the same amount…so now I’m wondering if she is teething. She is constantly chomping on her fingers.  Maybe she is just reminding me who is in charge.

Husband and I are leaving N in a few weeks for the first time. My parents and sister will be watching her and I know she will be completely fine but I just don’t feel ready. Oh well the first time is always hardest and my parents went to India for three weeks leaving me with friends when I was 7 months old and I don’t seem to have suffered any ill effects.

Having a kid has really messed with my issues with mortality. I don’t want to die because she won’t remember me. Of course if we do die she will be a millionaire due to our life insurance policies.  Fortunately, she isn’t old enough to Menendez us.

I’ll be back when things calm down and I don’t feel like injecting my veins with caffeine.


One Response to “Death by Tiredness”

  1. Emilia said

    Still alive?

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