More Annoyed than Amused

So Wrong

Posted by parsingtime on October 18, 2010

If you look up zip up pajamas on amazon you get this page.  Children’s zip up pj’s and men’s zip up underwear. I guess I needed to be more specific.

Husband and I went on our first date since having N last night. Sure we’ve been out to dinner many times with N, with other folks, with other folks and without N but not just us by ourselves.  It was lovely. We went to Dolce Vita and The Chocolate Bar. I had a Bellini (after 12 months of not drinking one bellini knocked me under the table), some calamari with mint and orange (not fried and delicious), pizza and yummy truffle chocolate ice cream. And surprisingly we didn’t talk about our kid very much at all. It was nice to know we still want to (and can) talk about all the things we talked about pre-baby.  Like I said it was lovely.

N is currently suffering from stranger anxiety and by strangers I mean people like my mom who she sees every week. It is a disaster.  She also seems to be teething if the chomping on her fingers is any indication and seems to going through a growth spurt which causes her to believe I am starving her to death. We’ve also found the first food that I’ve eaten that has disagreed with her. If you have a baby and are breastfeeding avoid veggie chili at all costs. Your kid’s gas and poops will cause you and your spouse to rock paper scissors whose turn it is to do diaper duty.

Other than that all is well in the land of Time.


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