More Annoyed than Amused

Privacy, Bob and Barbaloots

Posted by parsingtime on October 11, 2010

N has taken to becoming, ahem, quite obvious when she is doing her business. The look of concentration, the bearing down and grunting seem to give it away.  Sometimes this whole going number 2 process takes a few minutes and I feel like I need to look away and give her some privacy.

In the same vein I never do any exercise videos in front of Husband ( don’t want him to see me grunting and puffing, though really given what I made him look at in the aftermath of childbirth it’s amazing I have any shame around him) but N doesn’t seem to bother me. She even pretends to do leg exercises next to me.  She is quite the mimic even though all she can do is stick her legs in the air.

5lbs to go and all my pants fit and none of my shirts. I’ve started jogging with the Bob which is taking some getting used to but I’m happy to be out there trying! The Bob so far has been great, easy to steer, light weight and N naps like a champ while we are out. I’ve put in the car seat adapter for now so she is ultra safe and I’m able to see her while I jog. I usually take my iPod and as soon as N has dropped off to sleep I listen to tunes.

I wouldn’t advise giving N a kiss on the lips. She’ll try to get fresh with you and slip you some tongue. Which is of course my way of saying, N has decided to lick everything that comes her way.

I found a receipt from Target and canned black beans in my fridge. Clearly, someone needs a little more sleep than she is getting.

We have been receiving all sorts of new books this week and I got a full collection of Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss books are not ones I read as a child (most of the books we have are not ones I read as a child because I didn’t grow up here) so this is a whole new world of kids literature for me. Anyway, I read The Lorax and The Cat in the Hat to N yesterday. First, I did not know that Dr. Seuss had such an agenda. Big Corporations kill the Truffula Trees and poor Barbaloots until there is nothing left and the corporation repents. And that Cat in a Hat…first never let strangers (people or cats) in your home and you definitely need to tell you mother.  N got my side commentary while we were reading.  I’m enjoying these books more than Pat the Bunny but mostly because there is a little more story going on.


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